Lexus LS 460 Owner Recreates Original LS 400 Commercial

Here’s a video of a Lexus LS 460 owner who decided to recreate the original “stacked champagne glasses” LS 400 commercial in his driveway — let’s all watch in absolute horror:

It might have been a good idea for him to review the original commercial before setting out with his experiment:

Never mind that there’s some very important differences between revving an engine in an angled driveway and putting the car on a dynometer — I don’t think I would ever build a champagne glass pyramid on a brand new $65,000 sedan.


  1. 65.0000 dolars for a new LS460.... you guys are so lucky!!!! On topic, indeed, the first thing I thought was, weren't those champagne glasses used in the commercial?
  2. Yes, and the original glasses were low, wide and empty, producing a much lower center of gravity than his tall, narrow glasses containing liquid up high. And there were 15 glasses in the original test versus his 10, giving the assembly a broader base and more obtuse (stable) profile. This guy totally missed the mark on all counts from an engineering standpoint, but it was entertaining anyway. Did anyone find his Honda Accord test?
    • Yes, but that's the difference b/w one regular guy and some of the most gifted engineers & designers ever...
  3. Im glad he tried to duplicate it though. It would be really interesting whether or not it would work on a LS460 with the dyno and empty glasses
  4. Hello, I made the video. I didn't know the original commercial was on youtube and was trying to go off my memory. I will take it to a dyno and see if I can duplicate the experiment correctly. I will also try to find identical glasses from the original commercial.
    • Wow, thanks for stopping by and commenting! I had to watch your video through my hands. The idea of glass crashing on the hood of a LS was too much for me, very gutsy! Excited to see your second attempt at replicating the original commercial -- please let us know if you need any help figuring out how to make it happen. P.S. You have just been featured on Autoblog, congrats!
    • what an interesting turn of events. lol. did you ever do the honda test? Thanks for making the videos.
  5. Hello again. The broken glass didn't even scratch the hood or side panels. But glass exploded everywhere on my driveway. Took 20m to clean up. I haven't tried the accord yet. This looks like a great site, I'm going to surf it now and check it out.
  6. I hope the beautiful Obsidian paint finish wasn't ruined by the broken glass. :-) Anyway it seems in the original ad, the LS was parked on a tilted platform so that the glasses stayed level on the otherwise angled hood.
  7. whoa! 65K for that car! Over here in Australia its something like 150k-180k??? IT ain't cheap over hre
  8. whoa! 65K for that car! Over here in Australia its something like 150k-180k??? IT ain't cheap over hre
  9. Here in Indonesia, it sells at about $200,000 (around 2 billion Indonesian Rupiah) 1 USD = 9500-9900 IDR. Maybe because of tax, market condition, etc, I don't know. Yet people still but it.