Lexus Launches CT 200h Website

Lexus CT 200h Website

The Lexus CT 200h now has its very own section on the Lexus USA website, and it contains full specifications, available options, product details, and most importantly, new and highly stylized photos — here’s a sampling:

Lexus CT 200h at Night

Lexus CT 200h Night White

Lexus CT 200h Caramel Nuluxe Interior

Along with the more standard information pages, there’s also an additional mini-site that gives a full point-by-point 360° view of the CT, along with an online configurator and test-drive scheduler.

(As a matter of fact, it looks like the entire Lexus website has been updated with a clean and polished redesign. Congrats to the Lexus Digital team, looks great!)

[Source: Lexus]


  1. aww man, earlier today there were videos in the photo gallery section that had separate videos for luxury, technology, safety, etc. I was watching some of it but had to go. Now they are gone :`-(
  2. Will Lexus offer the bamboo wood accents on the USA CT200h? There's no mention of the bamboo wood on Lexus USA's website, unless maybe I missed it somehow.
  3. Yes, the genuine bamboo trim is available on the US model.
  4. its on the pricing and options page. Each of the accents are $199 - bamboo, matte burl walnut, or some metallic black finish
  5. i am really liking the CT. With gas prices already hitting $4 here in the SF bay area... Im sure this car will be a hit!
  6. Well I went and checked out the CT at my local Lexus dealership. They had one in the showroom that was priced at around $33000. I liked the interior from the front seat perspective. But from the back seat it seemed kind of cheap. No center arm rest and not many places for kids to put their stuff. But what definitely disappointed me the most was how cheap and tinny the doors sounded when they closed, NOT very Lexus-like. In comparison, a Mazda 3 feels much for solid and substantial. I know there are weight saving concerns, but this is not an area where they should have skimped. Also the passenger seat had manual adjustments, and the hood had a prop rod. I did like the fake leather, and the front seats were great. I didn't test drive one, maybe next week; I really do want to see how the performance is.
  7. Don't know if anyone else noticed, but the SC has dropped off the lineup on the new Lexus website. Not really a surprise.