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Lexus LF-Ch Survey Results

If you’re a regular TLE reader, you may remember the LF-Ch online survey that Lexus USA conducted last September—here are the final results:

Lexus LF-Ch Survey Results 1

Very clearly, the front-end design is a hit with the 3,281 voters—more than half liked a combination of the front and front 3/4 angles.

Lexus LF-Ch Survey Results 2

No surprises here—the LF-Ch is certainly sporty & aggressive. Interesting is the more negative reactions, with only 10% of respondants thinking that the concept was either busy & bulky or bland & dull.

Lexus LF-Ch Survey Results 3

This points the way to the production LF-Ch’s success—if it can keep the aggressive stance while maintaining the sporty front-end design (headlight & front grille), there’s going to be plenty of interest.

Lexus LF-Ch Survey Results 4

My thinking is that the production interior is going to take a lot of design cues from the concept—voting was much more spread out than with the other questions.

Lexus LF-Ch Survey Results 5

With the release of production LF-Ch/CT 200h spy shots, I would say this last question has been answered by default. It would have been nice to see a regional breakdown of voters in order to gauge North American interest specifically, but with the concept’s current USA autoshow tour, I’d say the probability is quite high that the CT 200h will be a worldwide vehicle, and not just limited to Europe & Japan.

[Via: Club Lexus (Thanks Oranji!]

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