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Lexus J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Results

J.D. Power has published the results of their latest Vehicle Dependability Study, and for the first time since its inclusion, Lexus did not place first, coming in third behind Buick and Jaguar.

The study looks at the problems per vehicle for the 2006 model year and the problems encountered over the first three years of ownership. As you can see from the above chart, the differences between the top four positions are minor, particularly when you consider that a “problem” is any issue that requires a visit to the dealership. No real differentiation seems to be made beyond that point, so an engine failure and a squeaky window count towards the same total.

Still, almost every Lexus model placed very high in its respective category:

Model Segment Position
LS 430 1st
ES 330 1st (tie)
SC 430 1st
GX 470 1st
RX 330/400h 3rd

The other point to note? The LS 430 ranked 1st overall, with fewer problems reported than any other model at 61 per 100 vehicles.

[Source: J.D. Power]