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Lexus Launches LX 570 Driver Empowered Mini-Site

Lexus LX 570 Mini-Site: Drive Empowered

Mentioned in the Lexus’ LX 570 marketing presentation, the Driver Empowered LX mini-site is now live.

The site’s jam-packed with video footage extolling the SUV’s capabilities. Of particular note is the 360° tour, which manages to inject an infusion of character and presence that has been lacking in images seen so far.

An interesting sidebar, some of these videos have been posted on Youtube by Lexus, using its brand-new, three-day-old account. I’ve included them here, but would recommend watching the much larger versions on the site itself.

Active Height Control/Adaptive Variable Suspension Demo

Wide-View Front and Side Monitor Demo

Power Second & Third Row Seating Demo

Crawl Control Demo

Towing Capability Demo