Two Vintage Lexus ES 300 Commercials

When we saw the first commercials for the 2013 Lexus ES last week, it reminded me to post these third-generation ES ads:

Too bad these two voice actors weren’t hired to do the Lexus navigation system’s turn-by-turn directions.


  1. "17 Mile" is easily the best ES Commercial ever, and as good as any Lexus has EVER done. Marketing was always a Lexus strength, until recently.  their new commercials can't touch these classics! Shame...... BD
  2. Does anybody know who the original announcer on the early Lexus Corporation commercials is? He had a great booming voice that I loved. All the new ads have a new announcer that is similar, but doesn't compare to the original person.
    • His name was James Sloyan: Sloyan was the voice of Lexus from 1989 until 2009, until being replaced by actor¬†James Remar.
    • Thank you very much for this info. I thought he might have died, but was happy to hear that he's alive and well. I still feel though that he was the best announcer for the Lexus commercials.