Lexus IS Commercial: Racecar

The new Lexus IS commercial released today features a clever little twist:

Combined with last year’s “Music Track” commercial, Lexus has built up precision as a defining characteristic of the IS, and in my mind, it works really well. Stunning visuals, to say the least.

Here’s a cute little detail about the title from an email I received:

…for those curious about the title of the commercial, “Racecar,” it was so named because it is a palindrome, meaning that “Racecar” can be read the same way backwards and forwards.


  1. cool's hoping the next gen IS will be more striking with the new bold design Lexus has revealed in the new GS..
  2. Still modern and beautiful after 6 years, this car is a miracle. See what happened with the 3 series, outside the crappy quality (there are some interesting video on YT) that car was born ugly and the facelift did even worst.
  3. Color looks nice! Is this the new Nebula Gray Pearl color that is replacing the Smoky Granite Mica?  I also noticed this IS250 doesn't have the LED DRLs.My favorite IS commercial still is the 2011 IS350 F-Sport one that does the drifting between the German cars.
  4. From looking at the wheel design, is this the AWD model? Some people have said that they don't like the design but I really like them. I prefer those over the 5-spoke design on the RWD models. 
  5. R A C E C A R Best word ... in the World .
  6. awesome commercial!!
  7. F1t

    Yeah 6yrs and this looks more fresh then cars coming out today.. The 3 series has aged.. The c-class was newer then the Lexus IS and has aged.. A4 always has looked ugly
  8. isnt it amazingly beautiful!!!!!! like it!
  9. I like its door~