2013 Lexus GS 350 Video Presentation with Akio Toyoda and Mark Templin

It was a crazy day today at the Lexus GS event in Pebble Beach, and what better way to continue my coverage than by featuring the introduction video with Lexus USA General Manager Mark Templin and, surprise of surprises, Toyota President Akio Toyoda:

This was a real thrill for me, being there to see Toyoda-san explain what can only be considered a true turning point for the Lexus brand. Listening to him describe the importance of a global vision, and his brief outline of what Lexus intends to accomplish in the near future, had me very excited to see what comes next.

Speaking of which, Toyoda-san’s announcement that 2012 will see nine new or refreshed vehicles surprised nearly everyone in the room, and certainly opens the door for plenty of speculation — I’ve already started a list of my own guesses, which I’ll be sharing in the next couple days.

As for the 2013 GS, the main reason for this event? It should go without saying that the leaked photos earlier this week didn’t even come close to representing the production car. The exterior manages to pull together the familiar with something that’s both simple and futuristic, and the interior is a work of art — looking forward to going through the official photos, which I’ll be posting next.


  1. Akio ! My Idol !
  2. Awesome video! It'd be so cool to sit down and have a cup of tea with Mr. Toyoda!
    • He does seem like a great guy,doesn't he? :-)
    • It was my first time seeing Toyoda-san in real life, and I'll admit, I was a little starstruck. I would have liked to meet him, but he disappeared immediately after his part in the presentation. At least I got some photos!
    • I would love to see Akio in US commercials----He definitely has a special presence and would be great for the Asian representation to show Toyo/Lexus/Scion Heritage......something  to be so proud of and a twist to the usual commercials....it would make the haters stop, look and listen.... I love him....let's see more of him in the future.
    •  I wish he was my Grandpa...
  3. I'm very excited about the new GS and also by the promise made by Mr.Toyoda concerning new models on the way. I hope a GS coupé is among them.
  4. I gotta say it looks tons better than the leaked pictures... those looked like crap I was scared for lexus lol.  This video really shows off the new curves on the hood and gives dimension to the hour glass grill shape. The leaked pictures looked like they took everything edgy and new about the design away. I like this, and once again I love lexus LED DRL style, very subtle with a nice small angle
  5. However... uhm the taillights are a bit too... waaay too similar to bimmers, the next LS better be more unique.
    • Jkn

      Actually BMW copied Lexus, the new 7 series is a copy of the LS460.. and too bad BMW is not able to make it as subtle as the Lexus LS460
    • This is hard to say. L-shaped taillight is actually a Bimmer thing, but Lexus first did it in LED strips!
    • I'm actually kinda disappointed LEXUS did LED's, too much hype from AUDI especially since Chrysler has jumped on the bandwagon with the new 300 (BARF) I think they should have done a rod, kinda like neon signs or like BMW's halo rings but a line along the bottom where the LED's are. No one has really done that.
  6. D4

    Wow it looks amazing, very good.. Lexus is like the Apple of cars.. In the way they design, make and market.. (which is a good thing)
  7. Thanks for the video
  8. I've just watched the video ... have to said it's epic in every single way !
  9. They should have never touched the concept (well maybe only change the Audi style grill).  Hopefully, the production model will sit low like the one unveiled today does.  Lexus' high suspension stance on its current lineup leaves little to be desired.  
  10. Great video and Great car!!  At 11:50, they did a nice transformation from concept to reality, and it highlights how the concept was too tall, and not very sporting, and became the lower, wider stance of the production model.  Very well done! That the redesigned car is only 11 lbs heavier than the  2012 says a lot. That it is 375 lbs LIGHTER than the 535i also says a lot. That they used a Porsche Boxster S to test the steering in German road test says a lot The flanks need some surface tension, but other than that, a very well done redesign! Regarding the 9 new models coming next year: 1.  GS 2.  GS F-Sport 3.  GS Hybrid 4.  ES 5.  ES Hybrid 6.  CT 250 7.  IS 8.  IS Hybrid 9.  IS F-Sport BD