2013 Lexus GS Revealed!

Just two days before its official unveiling, the 2013 Lexus GS has been spotted without camouflage by Chinese spy photographers — let’s start with the front:

2013 Lexus GS 350 AWD Front

Due to the brightened teaser image we saw last week, there’s not too much in the front we haven’t seen, though we now get a clear look at the foglights and the upper grille’s chrome surround.

2013 Lexus GS 350 AWD 3/4

2013 Lexus GS 350 AWD Side Profile

The side profile is almost identical to the LF-Gh concept, with only the door handles & side mirrors showing any difference at all. More than anything, I see the profile as a minor muscular evolution of the current LS — too bad the Starfire Pearl paint hides much of the design lines.

This is also our first look at the base-trim wheel design (at least in China) — this GS is also shows Lexus’ typical AWD stance, which is to say the wheel gap leaves something to be desired.

2013 Lexus GS 350 AWD Rear

2013 Lexus GS 350 AWD Badge

2013 Lexus GS 350 AWD Badge

Where the rear of the LF-Gh concept mirrored the design lines of the front-end grille, there’s no trace of that in the production GS — in fact, the rear may be where Lexus deviated from the concept the most. Still, I’m loving the integrated exhausts and diffuser, and even with these low-res photos, the taillights look fantastic.

Trying to get a good idea of the GS from these photos is quite difficult — there’s a fish-eye look that distorts the lines of the car, and as mentioned, the Starfire Pearl makes it hard to decipher any sheet metal details, but there’s certainly enough here to carry discussion until the car’s official debut on Thursday.

[Source: Auto Sina (Translated) via Club Lexus] (Thanks 侑鋐 林!)


  1. Yu

    not impressed at these pictures but you never know...
  2. i just hope its not the F- sport 
  3. Ok now i do not want that car i need it 
  4. I like it !   The grill isnt as "loud" as I thought it would be.   I dont know about the rest of you guys but I really like the rear end and those taillights with that rear diffuser . Overrall I give the car a 9/10.  With a nice wash and pofessional photos it will be much better.
  5. The wheel gaps look painful.
  6. Front end very CT-ish ... and rear end looks like Sonata (the car that I hate a lot) .
  7. Front end very CT-ish ... and rear end looks like Sonata (the car that I hate a lot) .
    • i think the rear is much more IS that sonata
    • http://www.drivearabia.com/news/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/2010-Hyundai-Sonata-6.jpg I've just saw a Sonata few hours before , notice where the chrome trim located above the license plate & how much similar the light's shape (I've saw one of my Hyundai fanboy friend complain already , haha) . http://worldmotorpictures.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Lexus-IS-200d-2011-5.jpg Lexus IS's rear is bit more difference than the GS , especially the license plate groove , doesn't have chrome trim & the taillight shape is difference (near side to the license plate) . ANYWAY ... I still love the new GS !
    • i got your point  but just if you put chrome over the license plate of the IS plus the new GS rear lights is straight line not as Sonata
    • Yeah ... the bottom is straight line instead of curve , but the taillight that inside the license plate groove is too much like the Sonata , and the chrome trim made it looks even like one , pity Lexus too slow on using that style even their IS already used it .
    • I see no GS in the Sonata. . . .  In the IS yes but Sonata no
    • There's no GS in Sonata ... but there's Sonata on GS .
    • Checked Five-Axis's Lexus GS ... the new GS's rear end design clue isn't from here as well . http://www.auto-power-girl.com/high-resolution-wallpapers/lexus-gs460-by-five-axis/lexus-gs460-by-five-axis-2008-4.jpg But later I remember there's something looks even similar to the Sonata's taillights (for this , I receive more complain comment when I was posting it) . http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-JteywKx0XAg/TitCQHK3OBI/AAAAAAAABw4/gOKpDtcLO5Y/s1600/3+toyota+mark+x+2011.jpg The 2011 Toyota Mark X ... as you can see , the license plate shape & the taillights & the chrome trim is where the Lexus GS learned from .
  8. I hope it looks better. The car looks like the IS.
  9. The front lower fascia is much less aggressive than the concept The profile is better than I thought, but the car sits too high. (I'm sure the F-sports and GS-F will be lower).  Wish there was more surface detailing down the flanks.  It looks slab-sided from most angles, but the rocker panels help. The taillights are WILD!  The overall design is pretty tame, but the styling is very original.  Won't be mistaken for anything else! I would say it's on par with the 5 and M, behind the XF, and way ahead of the E-Class in style BD
  10. not impressive
  11. Joe

    ...or how crappy pictures in a wrong environment combined with a bad colour choice can completely ruin a car's design... :-/
    • Joe----I agree....the surroundings, cameras and void the tape,etc.......this will be fantastic.....I can't wait to see in great light, and with a brilliant silver dressed up with the better wheels....will be a smash !  Don't get all ruffled by these bad shots and tape.  The F-Sport and GS-F will be the best on the road next to the Germans.  Hide and watch !
  12. Grill is NOT bold like they said it would be design very elementary....and i love lexus just not inspiring
  13. Beautiful. Nice wheels and tires will make it look nicer, believe me!. Now, comparing the front of this car with first picture release form it, the front bottom  grill is missing some piece of chrome. without that little piece of  chrome, this car lose character, let's hope this is not the final product. Overall, this design show us the new Lexus Direction and  we can confirm how Lexus ct design influenced on new  Lexus GS.
    • Take another look at the original Teaser photo... you can see where the thicker Chrome part of the grill surround teminates; the rest of the highlight around the lower part of the opening is just clever lighting... I had to take a second look, too.
    • yes, you are right. But it would be nicer if it was like that. 
    • I liked the full chrome surround look, too... but then too many people would complain that Lexus stole that detail from Audi... maybe they will use it on the Hybrid or F Versions.   I really wished they'd get away from the round fog lamps (they look less integrated, and old/dated)... I loved the original IS fog lamps in the triangle openings; then, they ruined the face by going to round (First with the IS-F, then the IS-C and regular model)... oh well.
  14. This is the BASE CAR styling. With F-Sport, Hybrid, and GSF, there is plenty of upside potential Definitely can roll with the competition, apples to apples BD
  15. Like the new BMW 5-series, this isn't a bad looking car, and like the new BMW 5-series, it's a bit bland at the same time. I'm going to need some time to get used to seeing the Lexus L-insignia on it!
  16. OMG. It looks really poor. I think I will go for a 5series BMW.
  17. I love it! The  (very) wide-angle lens used does distort the proportions and shapes a bit and make it look a bit chunky,but proper photos are only a few days away. Looking at the photo taken from the right side,I'm even more convinced a coupé would be a great idea.
  18. i really wanted the more exotic tail lamps from the concept, i dont like how this looks like sonata a little too much, but ill def wait for more professional pics
    • The tail lamps look awesome. They look way better then the Sonatan tail lamps. They design came from the CTh tail lamps.... plz dont use the Sonata and Lexus GS in the same sentence. . . .
    • i dont want to really. i would take a the lexus over the son– sorry wont say it :D
    • i dont want to really. i would take a the lexus over the son– sorry wont say it :D
  19. wait why does it say lexus on the rear? didnt they eliminate that through all the models in 2011? or was that only the us? 
    • Just the US (:
    • D4

      Why would they eliminate the Lexus sign at the back?? In my opinion it's very good
    • I agree; it's beautiful, but Lexus thinks it's too good for one. aha Lexus feels that it has enough recognition here in the US. The funny thing is that Mercedes-Benz and BMW vehicles still have their names written on every car, but it's "tradition".
    • I have same question and thought------Lexus was to delete the Lexus emblem that is spelled put leaving only the "L" on the rear.  What happend?????
  20. I'll wait for the official pics before I make up my mind. Thanks for sharing Krew!
  21. Personally I'm totally agree with who says that this is the basic version and the ugly pics and the wrong environment make the rest, I bet this car will look great, I'm just a bit down cuz I had been on Autoblog and the 95% of the comments are totally negative, that make me sad although it happened the same with the 2012 bmw 1er.
  22. I don't know about anybody else, but I am kind of relieved that it isn't as ugly as I thought it would be.  I never liked the concept version, I'm glad they toned it down.  On the other hand, it looks pretty bland and generic.  I am not as attracted to it as I was the S190 generation.
  23. Hmmm, ill pretend i never saw these pics and pray that the car at pebble beach gives me some wow factor! I love lexus but in these photos it looks half over sized CT200h and half miniture LS460?! And please Lexus can we make some attractive wheels!.... Cant wait to see the F-Sports model.
  24. You never can fully know what a car looks like until it is seen in 3D in person. I thought the current IS looked weak until it arrived at the dealership and was amazed at the lines. Plus Lexus will always keep their basic look, it's their MO.
  25. I find this GS more similar each time to this one than the one at ny auto show http://lexusenthusiast.com/2011/02/18/2012-lexus-gs-photochops/
    • yeah i even think if the BC magazine are accurate with the GS by 90% - 95% that means that this is the next IS http://jp-cardesigncorner.blogspot.com/2011/02/all-new-lexus-is-f-coming-in-2012.html http://jp-cardesigncorner.blogspot.com/2011/01/lexus-readies-new-is-hybrid-version-to.html and that's will be the next LS http://jp-cardesigncorner.blogspot.com/2011/04/another-impression-of-2013-lexus-ls.html http://jp-cardesigncorner.blogspot.com/2011/02/all-new-spicy-lexus-ls-coming-in-2013.html
  26. dont like. front is too CT and  back is too overtyled. Big pipes  .... maybe  white is good color for this.
  27. This looks awesome!!!!  I can't wait for it to come to the US if will out sell the 5-series and E-class easily.  Watch for the GS-F that is going to blow everything away!!!
  28. The grey wheel looks awesome on Starfire Pearl
  29. D4

    It looks good and clean, although these photos aren't exactly what you would call model photos, crappy color, environment, photo quality etc.. At night the rear lights should stand out..
  30. I'd love to see it in starlight black with the red and black leather interior. :-D
  31. This car had so much potential!!. I think they have toned it down way too much from the concept. The front looks way too much like a CT and too bad they did not use a different colour where the number plates goes as the front! Ohh well now we wait for the official pics.
  32. LL

    As much as I love Lexus, I am convinced they will never produce anything ambitiously designed (apart from maybe the LFA). Why at all build a super great show car if the end looks like this...?! I don't think the age group prefers THIS.  Sorry, I am completely disappointed and am eager to see the official pics before I get the final opinion...
  33. big disappointment, just looks like another corean car
  34. The rear looks like a supersized IS, the profile looks like a shortened LS, and the front like a CT. Somehow, it seems to work in a vanilla sort of way. Or maybe the vanilla reference is just because of the horribly underwhelming white color. Also, Lexus, sort those wheels out.
  35. I made a comment in the interior pics section that the interior looks so good I might forgive the exterior. Not so fast. I agree with the others that the back looks like a Hyundai, and the front grille looks unnecessarily contrived. The profile just looks boring. Of course styling is subjective and these are just my opinions. I look forward to seeing it in person.
  36. Totally dissapointing! From a bad looking concept, to a worse looking production car. The only good thing about the concept was the subtle A-shape they had incorporated on the rear and the exaust. Now that A-shape is gone and the exaust looks ugly. Excuses, excuses... bad lens, white colour, 4 wheel drive etc. Other car makers makes cars that look good in white and with 4 wheel drive!! The 3gn GS looks way better! Lexus should have based their design on that instead and modernised it a bit. Not even the apologists have called this car pretty. The best thing that has been said is: "lets wait and see better pictures".
  37. Keep in  mind this is a 350 awd base model. I suspect a 450h f-sport would look more aggressive. Personally I'd love to the the middle of the front bumper blacked out like this: http://trdparts.jp/english/image07/vitz07.jpg
  38. I love Lexus, but only when they're inspiring this looks bored......... the front end is to short, and by comparison the rear end is Huge! the C-pillars are just greatly exaggerated, and the windows are too big, sounds like the current GS... At first I thought the current GS couldn't get any uglier,     but amazingly LEXUS do figure out a way, and they did..... even the current ES has a more sloping roof line, though it's less sporty.... doesn't impress me in any way, the interior looks dull, cramped with cheap switches in the rear console their L-finesse only works on compact cars (i.e.IS,CT) and the tail light seems like it came out from the Sonata factory's shelf, there's no denying with that!!!
  39. Ash.... Lexus... OH, it's my dream!!!
  40. Again;I love the new GS design and I do hope they go ahead with the coupé. Try to imagine a GS along the lines of this: http://photo.netcarshow.com/Infiniti-G37_Coupe_2009_photo_06.jpg
  41. Again;I love the new GS design and I do hope they go ahead with the coupé. Try to imagine a GS along the lines of this: http://photo.netcarshow.com/Infiniti-G37_Coupe_2009_photo_06.jpg
  42. Joe

    Funny how different cultures and individuals can produce different tastes :-) I agree with the comments of KiwiLexus.  The mix of CT with IS and LS gives the new GS a much more family look and therefore suits perfectly in the line up, but also makes it a bit more of a classic style.  In my opinion this is a good evolution to make the German 3 drivers think about Lexus for their next car.  At least here in Europe.  So the fact that the styling is not ambitious enough - for some of you - can be a major commercial tool to conquest from competitors... For a non-classic design in somewhat the same (sub)segment, there are models like BMW 5 GT, Mercedes CLS or Audi A7 to chose from.
  43. He

    White car, bad quality camera, dirt on the car, tyre gap, stupid rims.. Wait till you see the car in shiny smokey black, with appropriate tyres and with its LED's etc all turned on.. Then start talking..
  44. as a lexus fan this is a huge dissapointment. from the great looking concept car they've absolutely butchered it! the huge chrome on the grill looks like a half shaved dangling mustache, the rear looks like an older version of the current IS. The front head lights are left over from the RX. From a futurisic concept to this design from the early 80's. Why lexus why???!!!!
    • I just love 70/80's design! The golden age of the beautiful cars, some names? BMW 6 series (E24), Some squared Maserati and Alfa Romeo (and this GS remind in me a modern interpretation of 70's Alfa Romeo sedan). So,nothin wrong in that!
  45. It actually look's better with camoflage on. What, hmmm http://media.il.edmunds-media.com/lexus/gs350/2012/fd/2012_lexus_gs350
  46. Based on the poor quality, environment and condition of the picture, I am disappointed at the grill on the front end; no where near as aggressive and dramatic as expected (Base model or not). Just because it's a 'base' model doesn't mean the whole design shouldn't look good. The teaser photo gave me the impression that the whole upper and lower grill will have a chrome surround similar to Audi. I personally hope that the F-Sport version of this will be more aggressive with some additional F-Sport bodywork. I hate to say it but being an owner of the current GS, I prefer what I got now with the fastback look. It's only my opinion of course. :D
  47. One thing noticed on the profile shot is the sunroof that extends over the rear seating area----I hope this is something that NA-US  will receive. Something we have not seen on the GS before.
  48. To all you haters out there.  You shouldn't care what this masterpiece looks like it will be passing you by so fast you wouldn't even notice what it looks like!!!
  49. I own CT200h and that GS is too much of it. Front, taillights, headlights, grill and so... Not impress/ev.
  50. I own CT200h and that GS is too much of it. Front, taillights, headlights, grill and so... Not impress/ev.
  51. I own CT200h and that GS is too much of it. Front, taillights, headlights, grill and so... Not impress/ev.
  52. Heh, if you say so. But i think that Gs look like Ct and a little off Bmw.
  53. JVX

    The front and back do share similar design as the CT, but this is what I've been reading: "From this car forward, design has a new standard. Be among the first to see this dramatic vehicle in person." Will see tomorrow for sure.
  54. C'mon Lexus, all the wait and anticipation for the GS and you give us this front fascia? Wtf?!? I really really really hope there is more to it than this. We shall all see tomorrow during the Monterey launch. I really hope they push for the balance of aggressive yet elegant sh*t. More towards the aggressive though by thinning the bumper on the grill part... Smh