Lexus Dark Ride VIP Card Giveaway

Lexus Dark Ride VIP Cards

As part of their Dark Ride campaign for the CT 200h, Lexus USA is issuing special VIP cards that bring some very exclusive benefits — including fast-track entry to clubs, free cocktails, & limited edition items.

Here’s just a small sample of the perks:

  • 20% off best available rates at notable boutique hotels such as New York’s Soho & Tribeca Grand, The James Hotel in Chicago and The Biltmore in Miami.
  • Republica Trading will be giving away limited edition frames designed by M. Tony Peralta through the summer, plus 25% off any purchases made online as well.
  • Limited edition Dark Ride driving gloves from eco-luxury designer Linda Loudermilk
  • Exclusive drink specials and product offers from VeeV Acai Spirit
  • One free bespoke shirt with the purchase of three, courtesy of Duncan Quinn
  • New offers weekly

Now, Lexus has sent me a small batch of these VIP cards to give away — so if you live in the NYC, Los Angeles, Miami or Chicago areas, send me a message via email or by using my site form. Please include your city. First come, first serve.

All the cards are now gone and all the winners have been contacted.


  1. I'll be first to day that @seal deserves one of those cards 8-)
  2. aha cool Nice stationery. Nice that they didn't go eco, aka cheap :-P
  3. I signed up..hope I get it :-)
  4. @(Cj): Where do i sign ??? 8-)
  5. No more, where to sign up:`-(:`-(:`-(
  6. Thanks, Kevin. Great shot! PS @worldofluxury, I can verify that they are as eco-friendly as they could be without being totally thin and flimsy. 100% post-consumer recycled paper stock (FSC) and 50% post-consumer waste on the mounting board. The stamps to mail them, unfortunately, I can't speak to, but at least that goes to the government ;)
  7. Once again, Lexus hooks you up with the good stuff!
  8. JVX

    I wish they would bring back the Taste-Of-Lexus events. I would love to test drive the CT200h and possibly the LFA ;-)
  9. Will s new 2011 RX350/450h be coming out soon?
  10. @gakrx: It's already out, both the RX 350 and the hybrid.
  11. @JVX: I wish Lexus would give us an opportunity to just pay a large sum to test drive the LFA!
  12. That car would be the bomb!