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Lexus LFA Real-World Performance Figures

Since the production Lexus LFA’s introduction last year, the only concrete performance figures we’ve had to go on were the official numbers from Lexus—but that’s all changed now that Car & Driver had a chance to perform some speed tests with the supercar at the Nissan Technical Center in Arizona:

At the moment, there’s no launch control on the rear-drive LFA, so we ran a few acceleration runs by just stomping on the throttle. The LFA hit 60 mph in about 4.4 seconds, about as quickly as a stock BMW M3 and not terribly impressive. So we tried an old trick from our high-school days: the neutral slam.

The neutral slam was a way to launch automatic-transmission cars before the advent of the brake-operated shift lock (before Audi’s brush with unintended acceleration, in other words). The technique was simple: Borrow your parents’ car, go out on a quiet street, wind it up in neutral, and slam it into drive.

The computers of most modern cars prevent you from doing that, but the LFA allows it. It took a few tries to get the technique perfected, but by holding the V-10 at about 3800 rpm and selecting first, and taking care not to go wide-open throttle and melt the run in wheelspin, we got a clean, repeatable launch that dropped the 60-mph sprint time to 3.7 seconds, right on Lexus’s claim, and the quarter-mile to 11.8 seconds at 124 mph.

Given Lexus’ usual tendency to be conservative with their performance figures, it’s a minor surprise that the C&D test were dead on the official numbers—which likely means Lexus also used a similar neutral slam technique. That said, this is still a pre-production model of sorts, and there’s a good chance that the LFA will be equipped with launch control by the time it reaches its first owners.

Full credit to C&D on this report—be sure to check out the accompanying photos.

[Source: Car & Driver]