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Car & Driver Video: Lexus LFA & Ferrari 599 HGTE

Car & Driver has posted a video featuring the Lexus LFA & a Ferrari 599 HGTE driving through Wales: The video’s all well and good, but what’s with this quote?: [The LFA] has got a fantastic chassis, great steering that’s Ferrari-like, chassis is really well balanced, tons of grip, tons of downforce, fantastic carbon-ceramic brakes, …
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Lexus LFA Video from Car & Driver

You may remember last month when Car & Driver took the Lexus LFA out on the track to compile some real-world performance figures on the supercar—well, here’s the video to go along with the stats: (I think the C&D video editor might have spent too much time watching Top Gear’s LFA feature.)

Lexus LFA Real-World Performance Figures

Since the production Lexus LFA’s introduction last year, the only concrete performance figures we’ve had to go on were the official numbers from Lexus—but that’s all changed now that Car & Driver had a chance to perform some speed tests with the supercar at the Nissan Technical Center in Arizona: At the moment, there’s no …