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Lexus IS-C Demand Outpacing Production

The Lexus IS-C is off to a booming start in the US, with dealerships selling the new convertible faster than Lexus’s Kyushu plant in Japan can make them. Wards has the story:

The facility is ramping up to produce at least 225 IS-C models a month just for the Northeast region of the U.S., Scott Wracher, general manager of the Lexus’s eastern area, says at a press conference here.

The overall build rate will allow Lexus to sell 1,200 units per month nationally. “I don’t think we’re going to outstrip demand with our build rate,” he says, adding, “There’s a lot of value in the IS (models) compared to our competition.”

Wracher says it’s too early in the sales cycle to estimate the average transaction price for the new convertibles, although he believes all units will be sold at the base price. He also predicts sales of the new models will break 85% for the 250C and 15% for the 350C.

The IS-C is coming on the market just as the convertible season starts, and with that good timing comes a huge surge in demand. No doubt that sales will slow down once the weather gets colder, but until then, the IS-C is a hot commodity.

[Source: Wards Auto via Club Lexus]

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