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Lexus HS 250h Video with Mark Templin

This latest video from Lexus USA features General Manager Mark Templin talking up the new HS 250h:

A quote from the video:

“I like being at Lexus because we get to try new things, we get to change the world, we get to do things the right way instead of the same old way they were always done. The HS is a great example of that.”

Sure, there’s more than a little marketing speak in there, but it’s certainly bold and as far removed from the general automotive pessimism as I’ve seen lately.

Even more than that, it brings up a good point about the HS 250h—it’s a vehicle designed to move things forward. After all, even with three hybrid models, the company needs to strengthen the green connection. What better way than to have a Prius equivalent in the lineup?

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