Lexus LFA AD-X Prototype Makes Another Appearance at Nürburgring

The mysterious Lexus LFA AD-X prototype has been spotted again on the Nürburgring, six months after its last public appearance:

Lexus AD-X Spotted

Lexus AD-X Spotted Again

The AD-X is one of three LFA prototypes (see: AD-A & AD-B) that have been testing at Nürburgring over the past year — it’s been confirmed that all three are advanced development one-off vehicles, and not an indication that a special edition LFA is in the works.

(The big question: what kind of advanced development are these LFAs testing?)

[Source: AutoGespot Netherlands]


  • Lasse J. Nordvik

    Very mysterious. LF-LC development?

  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    AD-X tells me AWD…..

  • Crux

    When will this be available on Amazon? I have hella credits on there and i have Prime so shipping will be free for AD-X.

  • justin

    I’m thinking a sub 7 min LFA ring time…

  • Richmond Chan

    It could be anything, like a LFA hybrid for the LF-LC. They can use the LFA in place of the LF-LC in the developement stages, more like a test mule.

  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    Excellent LFA AD-X fly-by clip from Nurburgring on YouTube:

  • Nate Vongshotivat

    I believe it is LF-LC prototype or LC Engine mule.

  • clubae86

    More advance Hybrid system? Perhaps testing new battery material?

  • Falcon52

    I’ve heard Lexus were very close to building customer race cars for private race teams my guess is thats what these 3 prototypes were buzzing laps round the Ring for.