Next-Generation 2013 Lexus LS Spotted in Southern California?

A camouflaged car looking to be the next-generation Lexus LS has been spotted in Southern California:

2013 Lexus LS Spotted?

Of course, with the now standard Lexus camouflage covering up everything, there isn’t all that much to look at — here’s a zoomed-in look at the front-end:

Lexus LS 2013 Zoomed In

Along with the hint of the L-LED daytime running lights, we can see the basic shape of the spindle grille — given the slats in the grille, it would appear this is the standard or hybrid LS, not the F Sport version that’s already been teased:

Lexus LS F Sport Teased

With this prototype out on public roads, this is sure to be the first of many photos out there — hopefully we get a closer look shortly.

What do you think? Did I miss anything?

[Source: Club Lexus Facebook]


  • Yong Thian Ding

    Sprinter Grille … oh you , broke the cover !

    • Yong Thian Ding

      Correction to myself , Spindle Grille .

  • LexusGSF

    Yay! That has to be it! I cannot wait to see this after the long needed redesigned GS and ES! Lexus is doing great and this is their flagship LS, it has to be amazing! So far so good!

  • DillonDasLovesLexus

    Okay so when you look at the very bottom one (the one we’ve all seen before) the lights may be the future of Lexus F. Not F-Sport. This could be a Lexus LS-F and remember that modified Lexus LS TMG Edition testing? Here’s the link Well what if it was the LS-F mule testing? 

    • Carmaker1

       You’re right about that. I mentioned something similar in March about the lower valance grille. Do you notice how the lower valance grille of TMG Edition is shaped like the spindle grille?

    • Carmaker1
  • buddy

    Now all we need is the next gen IS

    • F1

      I have a feeling the next-gen IS will debut with a new engine.. Expect about 350HP from same 3.5L V6

  • Altezza

    I bet for these things:
    – GS style dashboard with the new round clock.
    – 12.3 inch screen
    – Spindle grill (it is not a big risk…)

    • Yong Thian Ding

      What about TFT Gauge on Lexus LS too ? Also 14-inch screen .

    • krew

      I’d say those are all pretty good bets.

    • Alex

       Hopefully the dashboard is even better in terms of style and design than the GS – after all, it’ll be going up against the new A8, new S-class and refreshed 7.

  • Guestguy

    I don’t think there will be a hybrid until it is offered as a V6 hybrid. So A safe bet would be to say that this is just the standard model. Hopefully they make an LS in a V6 hybrid. 

    • darkride

      From the rumors, it will be come with a V6 Hybrid. 
      Something like a LS450h which can be offered in multiple markets. With this focus on fuel efficiency and small engine, this leaves a void in performance, possibly where LS-F can sit. But there also nothing wrong with offering a LS450h and LS600h (that they already have). 

      On a side note. Is it just me or does the images from Lexus LS TMG edition have LED DRLs. I thought the LS never got this upgrade, and it is on all new models/mules. 

      • Guestguy

        Well, the 2012 models do have LED DTRLs but its only a small strip under the main HID

      • Guestguy

        So yes, the 2012 does have the same LED DTRLs as the LS TMG 

  • Carmaker1

    Well I think you are missing one important photo of this particular tester. Here is a link as well:

    • Guestguy

      Ah yes, I can see the blue around the Lexus emblem. Hopefully its a more affordable/ practical V6 though.  

    • Yong Thian Ding

      I thought it’s just Lexus GS450h , but after saw high res picture of Lexus GS450h again , I confirm that’s a Lexus LS . 

    • krew

      You’re absolutely right — I was waiting for the perfect time to post that photo, and it looks like it’s passed me by. Next on my list.

      • Carmaker1

         Not too many noticed that photo, but only the F Sport/F version in silhouette.

    • Bobby

      I see theyve made the grille appear more as one large grille rather than the split done on the GS. Personally like it better that way! Cant wait to see how it looks! My only fear being that every Lexus begins to look like a CT…but I have faith in Lexus! 

  • BlackDynamiteNY

    This is what I expect to see out of The New LS:

    400HP 5.0 V8 LS500 (0-60 in 5.2)
    $75k base price to $80k for LWB
    Turbo-charged 500-550HP LS600 model $120k (0-60 in 4.2)
    Modest styling changes, outside of the spindle grille, with same basic platform and design cues
    Greater Use of aluminum and CFRP to knock 100-200 lb off per model. 
    Base LS weighs 4125.
    LS450h getting 29 MPG combined pushing 350HP (no AWD)
    LS500 EPA 24 MPG combined
    LS600 EPA 20 MPG combined
    F-Sport model 
    Lighter AWD system
    Deeper color palette/interior material upgrade package available for the interior
    Stretched length and wheelbase of two inches

    • Yong Thian Ding

      I really hope for Forced Induction model , because it would have smaller displacement with big power , good for country that have taxes .

    • F1

      I think Lexus will hide a tiny high tech turbocharger under the hood.. They make 385HP from only a 4.6L V8 which is very impressive since 4.6L is very small for V8

    • F1

      Look at the engine of the current LS460; tell me that isn’t some high-tech stuff

      • Yong Thian Ding

         LS460’s engine is cleaner , unlike IS-F’s engine , messy under the cover .

    • Alex

      Let’s hope for a mid-range, twin turbo 4.5-5L V8 with 450hp to take on the 750i and S550.

  • Travis

    Ughhh wassup with those small tiny wheels ?

    Come on Lexus get the factory wheel game right ! Stop putting huge side walls and small width on big sedans.

    But beside that im sure the body of this is going to look nice and so goes for the inside.

    • Yong Thian Ding

      High side walls & smaller width made better fuel consumption with a much better ride comfort , not to mention it’s also lighter for the engine to pull … if there’s a model like LS350 or LS400h , it would be ideal .

  • Crux

    Will it be as big as the Merc S Class & 7 Series??? I hope it matches it lb. 4 lb. cause that was a big issue for a lot perspective owners.

  • Carmaker1

    Can one really call it a 2013 model? It’s likely Lexus might play the skip-a-year game, like they did with the LX facelift and call it a 2014 model. If not that, sell the current gen as a 2013 model this fall and then usher it out in the first quarter of 2013/second fiscal quarter.