2013 Lexus ES Hybrid Spy Photos

Leftlane News has released spy photos of a camouflaged 2013 Lexus ES:

2013 Lexus ES Hybrid

With the black vinyl and styrofoam inserts, there’s not much to look at, but the spindle grille is visible through the white mesh:

2013 Lexus ES Spindle Grille

To get some perspective, I compared it to a current-generation ES with some guidelines built around the front wheel:

Lexus ES 2012 vs.2013

While the camouflaged ES has a longer front-end, many of the other points line up perfectly — in fact, the overall shape looks largely the same.

There’s even a shot of the interior, covered up as it is:

2013 Lexus ES Spied Interior

But saving the biggest news for last, zoom up on the instrument panel and the Lexus hybrid power gauge is clearly visible:

2013 Lexus ES Hybrid Instrument Panel

Obviously, the smart money was on a next-generation ES hybrid, and this all but confirms it — my bet would be on the ES sharing the new Camry Hybrid powertrain, meaning a 4-cylinder 2.5L engine with a electric motor delivering a combined 200 hp and 41mpg.

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  1. Since it's covered , I expected this is the final shape ... and the overall shape is like a ruined Lexus GS . XD
    • But, it's bound to look good. Lexus mentioned something about taking away the boring appearance off the ES.
    • I think the current ES is a smooth and handsome looking car. A customer of mine just got one brand new, car has 300 miles on it its such a nice car
  2. I'm getting a little tired of being able to predict what these mules will look like once the wraps are off. People on Facebook were nearly 100% correct with their GS photoshops by using a CTh! The interior of this ES is... This is as exciting as waiting for new BMW designs.
  3. Like the Camry, the passenger cell changes little, but the front and rear change a lot Wonder how much extra the Camry V6 will get here? BD
  4. really want to know what engine's gonna be fitted to this model.
    • Considering the Camry didn't see a power bump, I'm not expecting much -- though I would be happy to be wrong.
  5. I can already see GS/CT resemblance. I just hope they dont get carried away with the similar sausages in different sizes kinda thing that bmw and audi put out
  6. This car will make laughable the Buick Lacrosse as said by Templin.
    • Just a note -- Mark Templin never said this, it was an unnamed source that didn't work for Lexus: http://lexusenthusiast.com/2012/01/03/next-generation-lexus-es-rumors/
  7. Yeah I to hope Lexus has different designs for each model.. And not pull a BMW by only changing size 3,5,7 all have identical design cues..
    • That's more Audi, very boring design too much similar between them. Some new BMW's are actually very nice like the new F30 3 Series and also the F10 5 Series. Inexplicably ugliest the new 1er but that's a good thing for Lexus cuz they have less comeptitors in Europe for the CT wich is doing very well.
    • Eh, the new 1 series still outsells the new CT200h by a large margin. In my opinion Lexus is being downright foolish offering the CT200h with only one engine. Let's be non-biased here. Lexus in Europe isn't a major player and their cars are completely uncompetitive for the most part.
    • Do you think that adding additional non-diesel engines to the CT would make it more competitive in Europe, or does it need a diesel engine to do that?
  8. well i stared at the little i see visible on the new es and i can tell the spindle grille in the front seems more bolder than the GSs' with smaller bumper in the middle can sort of make out the LEDs as well and the back judgin from the back end i can see the spindle shape as seen on the lf-lc! does anyone see it?
  9. PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ  Lexus give this car some better wheels options !!!  Thise small wheels with huge rubber just kill the looks for the car. Plz give this car some nice 18 inch or even 19 inch... The ES always had a great body but the wheels are always small and ugly.
  10. New ES350 and ES Hybrid are scheduled to arrive July 2012. I hope they don't use a 4 cylinder in the Hybrid. ES350 customers expect power and a 4 cylinder won't cut it. I would like to see a small V6 in the Hybrid model.
    • BMW is betting on a 4-banger in the 328i CAFE restrictions are gonna require more and more smaller engines.  If you get 40MPG as a luxury car, you will sell. BD
    • I guess it depends on if Lexus wants to go upmarket with the ES -- a V6 hybrid would certainly make a statement, but it would also be quite expensive.
  11. What I don't understand is why isn't the ES available in most European countries. The ES as has been seen in the US and China, it's a best-selling model in its segment.
    • Ddo

      Doesn't have RHD variant ;).. Plus it would sell in very very limited numbers in Europe
    • It would come in RHD if they intended to sell it in the UK(Not Europe). In most european contries we drive on the right side of the road. You know very little about europe I can tell. How do we know it "would sell in very very limited numbers in Europe"?
    • Ddo

      How many 3.5L V6's do you see cruising in Europe?
    • That doesn't matter at all, they could just add new engines just like the Asian market and the Russian market which is getting the ES240 and the RX270.
    • As Thomas said, most Euopean countries are LHD, same as America.
    • I've heard rumors of a RHD variant, and also making the ES into a global vehicle -- I know this is a model that Australia really wants.
    • A few years ago Toyota stopped selling their Camry in Europe because people just weren't buying them. They went for the smaller Avensis instead. So, using that logic, the ES won't sell in Europe. It's that simple. It's to big for Europe and it's way to overpowered and fuel-inefficient (high running costs) for the market where people are sensible with their car purchases. And lastly, the Lexus badge has no cache. Buying a luxury car in Europe is all about emotions and design. Luxury cars are bought with the heart, not really with the "finance" mind. So once again, Lexus simply has no cache/brand prestige in Europe and that's very important for a luxury brand to have in that market. Makes sense to, especially after you visit places like the Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, BMW etc. museums which can create an emotional connection / perception of the brand. Lexus lacks this. In my opinion, Lexus shouldn't bother with Europe. It's a waste of their resources because they're fighting an uphill battle there. Their biggest markets are Russia and the UK. Nothing from Lexus sells well in central and eastern Europe.
    • All this will change over time and by marketing. Most people dont care anything about the history of a brand. Audi f.ex. has no prestigeous history, not more than Lexus/Toyota, as far as I can tell but they still sell lots of cars allthough their cars are crap and un-emotional.
    • Jay

      Please check your facts first before comparing Audi with Lexus. Lexus is a badge developed by Toyota in the 1980s to meet the needs of American middle-aged golf-players. Audi was founded in 1932 through the amalgamation of four German car makers (hence the four rings).  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auto_Union
    • Jay

      Regarding brand cache, over time Lexus will be able to live up to and has the ability to surpass Mercedes, BMW, and Audi in Europe. Lexus was created by Toyota solely as a luxury brand. Here in the states we only see the aforementioned German automakers as luxury brands, where in Europe it's slightly different. For example the Mercedes E Class is very commonly used as taxis. Base versions of the E class are also sold with cloth seats, much smaller 4 cylinder engines, and hubcaps. One could argue that in Europe Toyota is a better competitor to Mercedes as well as the other German brands.
    • I didn't know they actually did try to sell the ES here. Anyway, they could add extra powertrains like the Asian ES240 and RX270. Lexus isn't really well-known in Europe, but people who know it and who switched from the German automakers, are really happy and loyal to Lexus. Lexus' sales will indeed growth if they could offer more engines (lower liters and diesel) and freedom to choose extras and packages. But I'm quite happy Lexus decided to drop diesel engines in favor of the hybrid ones. CT200h is really doing well here.
    • I don't think they did -- I've never seen mention of it before.
    • The only way for Lexus to build brand prestige is to continue selling in Europe -- no way Lexus abandons a major market. It's just going to take time.
    • That's definately the way to go! If you haven't checked Lexus sales, you should since they are just growing and growing and that's pretty much thanks to the CT. In 2012 I predict there gonna be even more sales because of the new restylings and upgrades on the core sedans and also the RX.
  12. Has the same steering wheel as the GS
  13. I hope somehow they can improve the driving dynamics of this car, tbh..it was really boring driving the current ES. I'm no hardcore sports car driving fanatic but the new ES could use a bit of a punch. Overall it's a good car to go from A to B but I fell asleep half of the way. PS. You can kinda see the spindle grill in effect...I think.
    •  and the LED's :P
    • Ddo

      You do know that the ES350 is faster than most "Sports Cars"
    • I'm not talking about how "fast" or "quick" it can go, I'm referring to the dullness of the driving experience.
    • The ES does have a driving experience. Its called smooth and elegant road manners. Hard corner and road grip isnt the only kind of driving experience. 
    • WOW you guys dont even read my post properly. Thanks for coming out anyway.
    • Ddo

      The "dull" ride you are talking is maximum comfort, refinement, smoothness & serene silence that the ES provides.. People who buy the ES expect all those qualities..
    • The ES isnt a bad driving car at all. Its the lightest in its class its meant to be ultra smooth and its achieves that. Theres nothing wrong with the way the ES drives because Lexus doesnt advertise it as a sport car. Thats like saying Ferrari needs to make the Enzo more comfortable... thats isnt the point of the car.. wont sporty look the IS or GS line
  14. Ddo

    Krew, would you know if the upcoming V6 ES350 will have direct injection or will it use the same engine as the current model..?
  15. MT

    They are not going to put the same engine in the ES as they just put in the new GS. The GS always had a higher rated engine than the ES. Maybe the RX hybrid 2GR-FXE will be available one day. But for now they are just putting in the Camry powertrains as it makes economical sense. So it will be ES300h and ES350.  Bet on that!
  16. Some people are idiots.  The ES is for a segment who enjoys smoothness and its ride quality.  Which is why my bought it.  If you don't like, go buy a cheap hotrod but whine.
  17. Waiting for the hybrid E350. Sure hope it is not another Camry.
  18. Krew, can you line up the "new ES" with a current LS model?  I am curious to see how much longer they are making the ES.   Also to one of the posters above...US is getting rid of the HS and will sell it in Europe, and in Europe will stop selling the ES
    • I can definitely try! One note about your comment though, the ES has never been offered in Europe, and neither has the HS.
  19. I would like that Lexus can: 1.- Introduce the ES in Europe, not only Russia and Ukraine. 2.- Modify the interior of the ES and have this with the same/similar design and style than the CT and the new GS. I don't like so much the actual interior and the curve on the central panel...
    • I support this. We don't know how will the ES perform in Europe given good hybrid and gas powertrains.
  20. Jay

    Lexus, I have just one request. Please make an F Sport variant of the new ES, even in hybrid trim. Pretty, pretty please...
  21. I hope it has more style than the current model. I see the new Camry and it looks similar and worse than the old one.  Japenese cars seem not to be making changes to thier stying.  Kia and Hyundai have made huge changes and the new models look nicer than the Lexus and have more features. They are just noisy and to me that is why I don't buy one.  I have a Toyota Solara and its the best car I ever owned icluding a Lexus,BMW,and Acura.  Why Toyota stoped making them I don't know. They were quite,great looking and energy efficient with plenty of power and sold much better than the Honda coupe,which is noisy.
  22. Is so awesome that Lexus has make the strong bet in the hybrid technology and is going to put that in the major part or their range, like LS, GS, CT, RX and now can be also in the ES also. I prefer hybrid engines over gasol or petrol ones.
  23. My feeling mirrors @d751a3a58005a217a1be814e7748e317:disqus , I think the IS will use the same hybrid system as the Camry, especially with the trademarking of IS 300h It's also possible that Lexus introduces something brand new with the debut of the next-gen IS, but I don't think it would be a V6 hybrid in any case. Too expensive.
  24. Well, I hear there's already been some focus groups, so... ;-)