New Lexus GS Commercials

It turns out that the Lexus GS Super Bowl commercial was just the start of the marketing blitz — here’s two new ad spots featuring the 2013 sports sedan:

Lexus also released a “remix” of the Super Bowl ad that uses footage from the behind-the-scenes video seen yesterday:

There’s also a fourth commercial that has yet to be released — I’ll be sure to post it once it goes live.


  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    Not luvin’ the “No going back!” tagline……

  • Lanard Stevens

    Does anyone know what the pricing of those new 19-in forged alloy wheels will be?

  • joshd

    don’t know but i like them!  Do want! 

  • joshd

    according to lexus they are $2,196!!!! (holy cow expensive) Its under accessories (make sure your under the GS350 or f sport, NOT the hybrid)

  • Crux

    Lexus should have bought three slots during the Superbowl and show all of these. #smh 

    Any way good stuff good stuff. Now bring me that GS-F that I’ve been waiting for Akio & Templin. *lbs fist in the air* 

  • Lanard Stevens

    Thanks for the info joshd. Guess i will be waiting on those for a little bit.

  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    I expect an announcement on the GSF in the second half of this year, and a release of it next summer

  • Travis

    Im loving this car more and more !!!!

  • Snap

    Very exciting!

  • Kbui101

    That’s just f-sport full face forged wheels. They are already released. Check Lexus IS under f-sport accessories section and you’ll see! I hope that help.

  • Ian S.

     I like it from the perspective of making a clean break between “old Lexus” and new, performance-oriented Lexus.