Behind-the-Scenes of the Lexus Super Bowl Commercial

With the Lexus GS Super Bowl commercial debut tonight, here’s a short behind-the-scenes look at the filming:

After watching the other car brands trying to be either overly clever or overly emotional with their Super Bowl commercials, I’m glad Lexus went with something short and to-the-point, and more than that, I liked the pure focus on the car — I only wish there had been more to the four model teaser at the end.

(Too bad that the entire “fake tunnel” bob-and-weave shown in the behind-the-scenes went unused!)


  1. Lexus cheaped out by cutting out that tunnel scene!
  2. Great job by Lexus! The ad spiked Lexus website hits over 500%, almost twice as effective as the Audi ad! BD
  3. We got to see crappy commercials and didn't even see this one up here in Canada...boooooooooo!
  4. Personally loved the Acura NSX ad. The NSX is gonna be a stiff competitor to the LF-LC (assuming they're both in the same price range). 
  5. Sweet the GS looks nice
  6. Cool add, simple and clever.