Lexus GS 350 F Sport Road Trip on Speed TV

Shut Up & Drive is a new show debuting tonight on Speed TV, and it will feature race car drivers Townsend Bell and Justin Bell taking a new GS 350 F Sport on a road trip to Northern Oregon’s Rowena Loops highway.
Kevin · March 15th, 2012

More 2013 Lexus GS 350 Video

With all the other coverage of the Lexus GS 350, I missed out on featuring this B-Roll footage featuring video versions of most of the official photo gallery.
Kevin · September 12th, 2011

Top Gear USA Features the Lexus LFA

The Lexus LFA made an appearance on this week’s episode of Top Gear USA in a “videogames vs. real-life” race at Infineon Raceway.
Kevin · September 6th, 2011

Fifth Gear Reviews the Lexus CT 200h

UK TV show Fifth Gear included a short review of the Lexus CT 200h in their latest episode -- too bad the review is dominated by a thoroughly cranky Tiff Needel.
Kevin · May 23rd, 2011

Lexus IS F-Sport Featured on Two Guys Garage

For those with The Speed Channel, Two Guys Garage will be installing a selection of F-Sport parts on a Lexus IS 250 tomorrow — should be interesting to anyone curious about the modifying their Lexus using OEM parts. Showtimes may vary, please check the Speed Channel website for further details. Check the Speed Channel Schedule
Kevin · May 3rd, 2011

Lexus LF-Gh Video

Also released yesterday was this seven minute B-roll video of the Lexus LF-Gh, which is just moving footage of the photos released today and meant for TV: One specific segment that starts at 3:47 shows the full front light display, including the vertical foglights — makes for a crazy nighttime impression: Looks straight out of …
Kevin · April 13th, 2011

Lexus LFA vs. Audi R8 on Battle of the Supercars

Last night, the Lexus LFA faced off against the Audi R8 on SpeedTV’s Battle of the Supercars: With Paul Tracy driving the R8 and Tanner Foust with the LFA, the supercars are put through a series of four tests — our own 05RollaXRS watched the show live and reports the numbers here: Standing mile: LFA: …
Kevin · October 15th, 2010

Lexus LFA on Top Gear

Earlier today, the Lexus LFA made its Top Gear appearance—first off, you can watch The Stig’s lap around the track (likely on Youtube for a limited time only): The LFA, in wet track conditions, made it around the track in 1:22.3, which beat the Lamborghini Gallardo as the fastest wet lap on the show so …
Kevin · January 3rd, 2010

Japanese Lexus LFA Commercial!

I wasn’t expecting this—Lexus Japan has released an actual commercial for the LFA: Also from Lexus Japan is this new cut of the LFA’s launch video, featuring new music and some 3D animation of the supercar’s engine and brakes: The Roar of an Angel—what a tagline. (Both of these videos were posted by O.N.O., who …
Kevin · December 17th, 2009

Lexus LFA to Appear on Top Gear

It was inevitable—Lexus UK has announced that Top Gear driver The Stig has taken the LFA around the track for an upcoming episode of the British car show. The Lexus UK Twitter account posted earlier today that a Stig lap at the Top Gear test track had taken place, but didn’t mention just how well …
Kevin · December 9th, 2009

Jay Leno’s Garage Features Lexus LFA

Just got around to watching the Lexus LFA coverage on Jay Leno’s Garage and it’s well worth the time (even without Leno driving): The side-long footage simulates what it might look like to pull beside the LFA, and also shows just how large the car really is (which is to say, not very). It’s also …
Kevin · November 29th, 2009

Lexus IS-GTF Race Team for Sale

If you’ve ever wanted to have your own racing team, you will be interested to learn that the DRC Motorsports Lexus IS-GTF race cars are now for sale. This trio of super-modified IS 350s (one fully assembled, parts for two more), which you may remember from last year, originally belonged to Team Lexus, and can …
Kevin · August 19th, 2009

Conan O’Brien Giving Away a Lexus HS 250h

Last night, Conan O’Brien announced a contest on The Tonight Show to give away a Lexus HS 250h, here he is to explain it: The contest runs until August 21st, 2009, and is only available to US residents. Visit the Tonight Show website for full details. (Thanks Stan!)
Kevin · August 4th, 2009

Lexus RX Discovery Special Now on

Last night, the Discovery Channel show Factory Made had a short behind-the-scenes feature on the 2010 Lexus RX 350 manufacturing process, and today that video has been posted on the Lexus USA website. As the video shows, the RX 350 is built in Cambridge, Ontario, and is an incredibly detailed process—even painting the RX takes …
Kevin · June 20th, 2009

Lexus RX 350 Manufacturing Special on The Discovery Channel Tomorrow

Tomorrow night, Discovery Channel show Factory Made will be airing a behind-the-scenes look at the building of a Lexus RX 350—from the show description: Starting as 50-tons of steel and emerging as a precision driving machine, take the front seat to an amazing manufacturing process. Welcome to the Lexus plant where the new RX350 is …
Kevin · June 18th, 2009

Michael Bay’s Lexus ES 330 Commercial

Loud, blurry and preposterous, this Lexus ES 330 commercial by Michael Bay would fit neatly into any one of his movies (jump to 1:02 to see the Lexus commercial directly): Somehow I doubt an airbag is going to save you from being hit by a tractor trailer.
Kevin · March 23rd, 2009

Drive Jack Bauer’s Lexus GS 430 (sorta)

Having only seen bits and pieces of the TV show 24, I didn’t know Jack Bauer drove a Lexus GS 430, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting this RC version of his car: After posting about the die-cast GS 430 last month, I’ve toyed with buying some 1:18 replicas, but better sense has prevailed. …
Kevin · December 18th, 2007

Lexus IS-F vs. Nissan Skyline Coupe Type S

The January 2008 editon of Best Motoring, one of Japan’s most popular automotive TV/DVD shows, has a Lexus IS-F vs. Nissan Skyline Coupe 370GT Type S (Infiniti G37 Sport in North America) showdown: While it can’t match the IS-F in a 0-60 race, the 333hp Skyline Coupe Type S holds its own on the track, …
Kevin · December 4th, 2007

1989 Lexus LS 400 Featured in Old Top Gear Episode

It’s hard to discount the power of Youtube when you can watch a 1989 episode of Top Gear detailing the introduction of the then-newly released Lexus LS 400 (jump ahead to 1:26 to get there directly): Not a full-on review, which is a slight disappointment, but the praise is astounding, let me quote presenter Tiff …
Kevin · November 30th, 2007

Tony Soprano & The Lexus LS 400

It’s always a blast seeing your favorite cars featured in TV and movies, and what what an appearance the Lexus LS 400 made in the first episode of the Sopranos (Warning: Contains coarse language and violence, viewer discretion advised): I don’t even like my girlfriend driving my car, and she’s not in the habit of …
Kevin · August 28th, 2007