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  • March 15, 2012
I hate Justin Bell. He sells himself out for whoever is willing to pay him. This sell-out was telling every passenger in the "Infineon LFA driving experience" that LFA is one of the most confidence inspiring car he has driven, but he changed his tone in the "Motortrend best driver's car of the year" where he became a mouthpiece for Motortrend by saying what they wanted him to say and he completely contradicted himself.
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  • March 16, 2012
Wow,I knew that Oregon was a beautiful place,but I had no idea that the mountains & scenery there were that beautiful.If I didn't know better,I would have thought that the footage had taken place in Japan.What a perfect setting to show case the GS F-Sport.I imagine it felt right at home.
The show is boring, with a name like shut up and drive, and they talk through the  whole thing, which was understandable at first but they could have shut up & drive when they were doing the hot lap, they hardly let us hear the engine note. Car looks damn good, still reading alot of mix views on the looks.
I generally liked the show. Justin Bell will always have my respect - he piloted the Dodge Viper GTS-R to the FIA GT2 championship in 1997 and helped make the car what it is today.  It was pretty slick seeing both drivers slide that GS around a bit in the twisties - those were some tight corners with not much room for error!
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  • March 17, 2012
It was just awesome to see the GS my next car
I'm a fan of Justin Bell, but I was bored watching this show after watching about 5 minutes worth of it. It was just a conversation between two guys versus highlighting the positive and negative attributes of the 2013 GS. Gorgeous scenery but the dialogue was meh.
agree with first comment justin bell how can you elminate the lexus lfa before the mustanf and porsche for drivers car of the year. Every single car review of the lexus lfa has prasied its driving dynamics and experience and the only thing people are complaining about is the tranny, which chief engineer has explained a million times that he wanted a more mechanical fel to the car, but for some reason that can't seem to get through some arrogant pricks head.
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