Top Gear Driving a Lexus LFA From Las Vegas to Mexico?

Lexus LFA to Mexico with Top Gear

The lads from Top Gear arrived in the USA yesterday, landing in Las Vegas for what’s rumored to be a 3,000 mile journey to Mexico for a future episode.

Why’s this relevant to Lexus? Jeremy Clarkson will be driving an LFA, with Richard Hammond in a SRT Viper and James May in an Aston Martin Vanquish.

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  1. Hopefully Jeremy won't ruined the LFA , lol .
    • It be a good time to test how durable the supercar would be. Given how Clarkson drives cars
    • You meant how well it survive roadkills cow & some more ? XD
    • No Jeremy picked LFA as the one he would pick out of all of the exotic supercars of present day.
    • Before this , ... he doesn't understand the LFA , he said the car is overpriced & doesn't make any sense besides it's still fastest car on wet lap of Top Gear Test Track . I wonder if he's now really understand the LFA , or he's trying to crash it into cow or something . XD
  2. Is the LFA even for sale anymore?  I thought it was all but sold out...... BD
  3. OO Schnapps cant wait for this episode to air.
  4. Jeremy Clarkson and James May in "Top Gear Live 2012" said Lexus LFA is their most favorite exotic supercar they would like to take home. Clarkson's words were "spectacularly superb" and "brilliant" car. I hope this comparison will truly show that outpouring of his passion for the LFA and he will state how he stands corrected on how 2 years ago he refused to drive the LFA because he did not want anything to do with a Lexus vehicle.