Lexus LFA vs. Audi R8 on Battle of the Supercars

Last night, the Lexus LFA faced off against the Audi R8 on SpeedTV’s Battle of the Supercars:

Lexus LFA & Audi R8 on Battle of the Supercars

With Paul Tracy driving the R8 and Tanner Foust with the LFA, the supercars are put through a series of four tests — our own 05RollaXRS watched the show live and reports the numbers here:

Standing mile:

  • LFA: 30.58s @ 167 mph (Foust admits to screwing up the launch big time — neutral dropped)
  • R8: 30.64s @ 166.1 mph

Top speed:

  • LFA: 184.1 mph
  • R8 V10: 185 mph

0–100–0 mph

  • LFA: 1168 ft @ 14.4 secs (LFA smoked off the line 3 – 4 car lengths lead. Tanner claims he was using launch control system)
  • R8 V10: 1167 ft @ 13.8 secs

Road Course (1 mile)

  • LFA: 44.8s (Tanner screwed up the launch in LFA big time, but still won by about 9 – 10 car lengths behind the LFA at about 112 mph)
  • R8 V10: 45.9 secs

Overall winner: Presenter gave the win to LFA/Tanner over the huge win in the Road course.

So there we have the results, and I’m sure most of the show will end up on Youtube shortly. One clip that has been posted online wasn’t actually part of the show — it shows what happens in the brake test once the LFA’s carbon pads have heated up:

Update: The full video has shown up online:

[Source: 05RollaXRS & Club Lexus]