Akio Toyoda Visits Nürburgring

Last week, Toyota President Akio Toyoda visited Germany to test-drive two Lexus LFAs at Nürburgring:

Akio Prays at Nürburgring

As we can see, one of the LFAs is black (likely this one), and the other is a duplicate of the yellow Nürburgring edition involved in the fatal crash that took the life of Toyota Chief test driver, Hiromu Naruse.

Writing about the trip on his blog, President Toyoda mentions visiting the accident site, where cherry trees have been planted in Naruse-san’s honor, and closes with this thought:

It is my best memorial, I’m glad I can now come to the Nürburgring in the current season.

Naruse, Please keep watching over us forever from the sky.

[Source: Morizo Blog (translated)]