Lexus Global Vision

Early this morning, Toyota President Akio Toyoda unveiled the company’s new “Global Vision”, a strategic plan that sets the ground rules for the next five years. As expected, most of announcement centered around Toyota, but there was some Lexus-specific information, which I’ll quote in full: Lexus Strategy Position Lexus as a truly global premium brand. …
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Lexus LFAs Racing in the Rain

First there was this photo of Akio Toyoda driving the Lexus LFA around Nürburgring in the rain, and now a video showing some very similar circumstances has shown up on Youtube: Not exactly the kind of circumstances I’d want to be driving fast in, that’s for sure. (Thanks Roberto!)
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Akio Toyoda Visits Nürburgring

Last week, Toyota President Akio Toyoda visited Germany to test-drive two Lexus LFAs at Nürburgring: As we can see, one of the LFAs is black (likely this one), and the other is a duplicate of the yellow Nürburgring edition involved in the fatal crash that took the life of Toyota Chief test driver, Hiromu Naruse. …
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Akio Toyoda on the Passing of Hiromu Naruse

Toyota President Akio Toyoda has shared his grief over the passing of mentor Hiromu Naruse on his blog — and even though I’m only able to read a rough Google translation, his message shows not only a deep sadness, but a strong resolve to continue on in Naruse’s spirit. Read the translated text (Original Text)
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Akio Toyoda Profile

Admittedly, this is the third time in a row that I’ve linked to The Automotive News, but today’s profile on Toyota President Akio Toyoda is not to be missed — some choice quotes: […]Toyoda embarked on a quest to become one of the company’s top certified test drivers and its top car critic. That challenge …

New Lexus Design Chief Announced

Following the semi-retirement of longtime Lexus and Toyota design chief Wahei Hirai in June 2009, company insiders and journalists have speculated on who his successor might be.  This week, they got a rather novel answer, with the appointment of an Englishman, Simon Humphries, to the top spot.  Humphries, who worked at Sony in product design …
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Akio Toyoda Confirms Production Lexus LF-A

While it’s been long-rumored that the Lexus LF-A supercar would be put into production, new Toyota President Akio Toyoda confirmed it last week during his speech at the Center For Automotive Research (CAR) Conference. From the transcript: You see…in a race…you have limited time and resources to work through countless challenges and problems that come …

More on Lexus USA’s Future Strategy

In an interview with BusinessWeek, Toyota’s new North American chief Yoshimi Inaba shared his view that Lexus needs to be “redefined and rethought for the future”: When it comes to Lexus, the issue is pretty clear: The luxury brand is far too dependent on just two of its nine models. The ES330/350 sedan and RX350 …
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Lexus LFA Racing Supercars Revealed

With the Team Gazoo Lexus LFA team readying for their 24-Hour Nürburgring Race this weekend, new photos of the supercar pair are in order (click for larger images): From the accompanying press release: Entered by Gazoo Racing, the team hopes to repeat its class winning form in the 4-hour race earlier in the year.  The …