New Black Lexus LFA Spotted!

A shiny black Lexus LFA has been spotted in Japan:

I’m thunderstruck — that’s one sinister supercar.


  1. YOWZAH! OWIE YOWIE OOOCHA MONGA! H*** S*** f***ING WOOOOOOOWWW! Is this some sort of Toyota proving ground? A white LFA was spotted in this area too (I think it was a post here), and there are also a lot of other videos of Lexus vehicles going round and round this place.
  2. WorldofLuxury wrote:YOWZAH! OWIE YOWIE OOOCHA MONGA! H*** S*** f***ING WOOOOOOOWWW!
    You took the gibberish right out of my mouth WoL. :-D The LFA just looks incredible in any color. I like this shiny black and the coconut snowcone blue best so far.
  3. On a side note, not to ignore the beautiful Black LFA, but the RX has a panoramic roof option installed. Just like the last generation.
  4. This comment could not be completed to due a heart attack.
  5. That LFA look soooo GOOOD!!! But Did that RX have a panoramic sunroof...WOW never seen that in the US!!!
  6. Looks like the RX floored the throttle. A full-blooded take-off for the LFA but the RX is not that far behind! :-D
  7. @Alex W: Yea i noticed that as well looks nice never knew that was an option on the RX!!!
  8. @Antwan: Yea. It was an option on the last-generation RX as well. However, no one ordered it because of cost. Lexus is not even turning that option on for US dealers this time around.
  9. I said it before... Glossy Black will be the best and most sexy color for the LFA.... and it is. gamn it looks good
  10. @Antwan: It's been available in asia market since the introduction of the new gen RX. Don't really know why it hasn't reach our shore yet cause most european maker have this option on their SUV already. and not to mention the ES350 has this option for the ultra premium pkg. But oh well perhaps in a year or two? took them 5yrs to finally bring out the IS350 AWD. I won't hold my breath for this one. LOL
  11. JVX

    That's a slick-looking black LF-A. A white LF-A made its public debut last Sunday at the Westminster Lexus dealership in Southern California. The crowd got a personal treat to hear the LF-A up close as it comes out. It was an awesome sight. I even got a chance to sit inside this $350k exclusive car! Very nice indeed.
  12. @JVX: How did I not know about it?!?!!?
  13. JVX

  14. @JVX: wtf?! I'm actually part of that forum! dang it... first, I joined the Lexus facebook too late... now this... I wonder if anyone knew about the Irvine Cars & Coffee surprise showup?!
  15. @Alex thankz i used to work for Lexus Financial and in our database when seen a lot of cars before they hit the web and I seen the panoramic roof as an option for the RX..i was like really??...but i never seen it until the video but just like the Toyota Venza it should be an option looks really gud!!!!!@Alex W:
  16. @Lexus Ben: Yes Lexus just long winded with a lot of things GREAT CARS though...they need a MB CL550 competitor and a BMW competitor like a Lexus LSc460/600 and move forward with The F-sport for each model. I drive an ES350 Ultra and i need more of a thrill!!!!!
  17. @Antwan: @Alex W: @Lexus Ben: So this is one of the few websites that mention about the panoramic glass sunroof, and it concerns the current RX 350. Not only that, there are a few clear pictures in addition to a full review. If Lexus had it in the US before, why didn't they make a single mention?! Was it because of auto critics who might use the option to make the vehicle look overpriced and uselessly top-heavy? Or was it simply because that not a single portion could actually be opened? I do really like the vast expanse of the glass; it better fits the word "panoramic" although a sunroof that opens has always been part of the package deal. It would be nice if in the future, Lexus made it possible for both the front and rear portion of the ES panoramic glass sunroof to be opened with a large shade that was decorated by bamboo sticks - referring to that wood accent in a CTh prototype.
  18. @WorldofLuxury: That's Toyota Mega Web in Odaiba [Tokyo], which is a showroom/museum displaying all Toyota/Lexus vehicles. Pretty cool place to visit, since your able to test drive vehicles on the test circuit outside the building.
  19. @shabu_23: Are you saying that someone was test driving the LFA?! I hope test driving isn't limited to future customers... lol
  20. @WorldofLuxury: Most likely it was someone in the staff that was driving the LFA. I can't really see them having the LFA as part of the test drive, since it would only require 300 yen and a driver's license (or international drivers' permit) to test drive. According to the website, The LFA is on display in the Lexus gallery until 8/31.
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