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Lexus LFA on Top Gear

Earlier today, the Lexus LFA made its Top Gear appearance—first off, you can watch The Stig’s lap around the track (likely on Youtube for a limited time only):

The LFA, in wet track conditions, made it around the track in 1:22.3, which beat the Lamborghini Gallardo as the fastest wet lap on the show so far.

The full episode will be on and off of Youtube for the next couple days, if you’re familiar with BitTorrent, you can always download the episode at Final Gear.

Update: Just watched Richard Hammond’s LFA feature on Youtube, and it’s pretty much amazing despite the expected Top Gear putdowns:

I would watch it quick, though, chances are it won’t last on Youtube for the day.

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  • August 17, 2010
what I don't understand is... how come the test track was wet when stig was test driving it, but it was dry when hammond was doing the video review? couldn't they just test the car while the track was dry? then let hammond mess around with the car afterwards. it seems to me like they waited for the track to get wet so they won't have to deal with the LFA embarassing all their lovable british cars.
  • W
  • August 17, 2010
@EnginesHot: Too bad we can't win with that argument. All the test cars (I think all) were thrown around the track on the day of filming in the studio. That's why the one Stig drives always has the same color as the one in the studio if the one in the review film is of a different color. I assume it was pouring on the day the people visited the studio.