Second Generation Toyota Mirai


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For reference the GA-N Crown is 15cm longer overall and 12cm longer wheelbase than 3IS, but only has 4cm of extra interior space.

A GA-N GS will have less interior space than the one based on New N. New N is a quite well-packaged RWD platform. With a moderate LWB stretch the ChDM Crown still has more space than GA-K Avalon with similar overall length.

It is possible to make space-efficient longitudinal cars. But the way to do that is start with a small platform then stretch the wheelbase. The BMW 3-series L and Mercedes C-class L both have comparable cabin space to the GA-K Camry at similar overall length (but with less boot space). But doing so would compromise handling dynamics (the 3-series L is a VERY sluggish car) and turning radius. The opposite is what Toyota did with GA-N: shrinking the bigger GA-L platform that is designed for much higher body rigidity and NVH standards. Doing so gives abysmal space efficiency but a really well-handling and high ride quality car.

There is no free lunch and the optimal solution in this era seems to be a transverse platform with electric axles, which is why GA-K+Direct4 is such a big deal.
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