5th Generation (2018+) Lexus LS 500 & LS 500h Megathread


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We can see it working here and understand part of it thank to Youtube translations.

It seems Toyota is playing it safe to not have any strange situation like those Tesla that sadly hit some trucks.

This system has a lot of redundancy, but they require hands on for the system to perform lane changes, overtake, etc…

It’s OTA capable, so it may improve with time.



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People wants options. I think that is what Lexus is struggling with. Yes a V6 is fine for some or even most but people want the option to have more power and to not have a V8 in your flagship was terrible planning by Lexus.


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Unfortunately the test car is an AWD model, and that really hammers the result. I recall when straightpipe did a video on the TT LS with AWD configuration, they did mention the AWD system always keeps the leash on you for having any sort of fun or getting out of sort. I'm very curious to see how a RWD model fares on the same test track. The body motion looks totally in control to me, so the cause of the low speed really comes down to heavy understeer (and partially, the weight is to be blamed too). The recent savagegeese video inspects the underbody of the facelifted LS, and he commented on the platform sharing most of its resemblance from LC, except many of these components were made in steel instead of aluminum. I feel like they shouldn't save the cost on a flagship model, as it is currently the heaviest vehicle in its class and the weight penalty does hurt in test result.
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^^ Moose test is not a handling test but a safety test. Bigger cars naturally perform worse due to less margin to maneuver. The top performers in 77km's tests are small hatchbacks while large sedan and sportscars always struggle. The LC and AMG GT are both outperformed by Honda Fit but that doesn't mean a Fit is a better sportscar. If they test in Japan, Kei cars will top the chart just because of their tiny size but obviously Kei cars are not very safe. Any American pickup truck would fail miserably in moose tests.