The problem is they are comparing T24A (NX) to A25A hybrid/p-hybrid (RAV4). RAV4 has no T24A.


Seemed like a pretty honest review. Neither was the sport model. NX doesn’t have to be a tweener like the rdx in size so it will always be smaller.. Lexus having an actual full lineup means the NX is smaller because of RX, GX, LX etc. Acuras still use the Japanese 1990s approach of a bigger car for less money (we’ll no longer less money).. So the NX will always lose out in room.

It’s hilarious they always try to note the engine is related to the Type-R and it’s a whopping .2 seconds faster 0-60. If you look into the spec sheet things turn around fast and the NX is a half second faster to 90mph which means it’s pulling hard on the rdx. Bottom line NX is overall faster and gets better MPG. The NX 450h+ eats both,

RDX is the sportier drive and I can see that. The NX just isn’t a mover and without a Performance model with Direct-4 it will feel a step slow. It’s good to see them acknowledge the RDX is CR-V based because they try to act like it’s own platform. We know NX is GA-K.

Price is pretty even. Acura has raised prices to pretty ridiculous levels. The NX inside is far superior in build quality and materials. It’s not really close.

Acura infotainment is likely worst in the industry. And they are rightfully called out on it. NX Lexus Interface is much more advanced. 14” screen helps. They do note the haptic steering wheel control take getting used to and they are right.

If you haven’t noticed RDX sales have fallen off a cliff. Can’t be supply issues anymore. The car offers no hybrid, no plug in, no other engine options. This sector is absolutely fierce with competitors luxury branded or not. NX continues to sell among tops in class.

The good news is both are solid vehicles. The NX does feel like a luxury product and the RDX feels like a compromise. The NX feels like a leap over the RAV-4 and the RDX doesn’t at all givr you that feeling over the CR-V.


There are some things I agree with here, namely the interior and paint quality. Lexus paint used to be some of the best in the world, and now I see a lot of bad orange peel on several colors/cars. When I bought my new GX, the orange peel on Caviar is so bad that I asked if it had been damaged in shipping and repainted :eek: . The sales manager told me it's unfortunately very common on Caviar. I looked at a Caviar RC, IS and LC on the lot and the orange peel was horrendous. I have noticed it on Nori Green as well.

Ironically, Lexus has not been doing a great job with luxury lately when you look at the NX, TX, GX and LX. RX seems to have escaped unscathed thankfully.

This is strange to me because luxury always been the Lexus hallmark above anything else. At the same time, I know the budget for big screens and infotainment, and future EVs and PHEVs has to come from somewhere.

I thought the whole point of TNGA was lowering costs and streamlining production -- so I sort of expected some savings to go into nicer, more upscale interiors for Lexus. That didn't happen.