Dan Neil of the Wall Street Journal Pays Tribute to the Lexus IS F

Lexus IS F Dan Neil

Dan Neil of The Wall Street Journal has written a tribute to the 2014 Lexus IS F, arguing that the sedan will one day be a collector’s item:

Among other things, the IS F curates a generation of dynamics software for which we will one day be nostalgic.This is the collectible quality the IS F has: a highly evolved chassis, with thoroughly tested factory integration, hot-rodded with an exuberance, stiffness and hard edge that pleasantly exceeds group wisdom and good conduct. This car is an outlier, plain and simple. I’m not confident Lexus would build the same car today.

Neil provides a fitting send-off to the very first F model, all the while managing to stoke the fires of an eventual IS F successor:

The successor to the IS F, based on the current, third-generation IS, is expected next year. Among the major carry-over parts will be the magnificent 5.0-liter naturally aspirated V8, with variable valve timing on intake and exhaust ports; direct and port injection; Yamaha-designed high-flow heads; lightweight valvetrain (titanium valves, hollow camshafts) and an oil-scavenging system to maintain adequate circulation of mink oil.

Is there a new IS F coming next year? It was rumored last year that the super-sedan would be discontinued, and the general sense is that the RC F would take its place.

And what about the possible GS F prototype that’s been spotted on three different continents? Is there enough room for both the GS F & IS F in the Lexus lineup?

Read the Dan Neil Homage to the Lexus IS F


  1. If they want to rival the germs they better have options. Not all drives want a high performance coupe or a small high performance sedan. That's why having options make perfect sense. Look at mercedes, they have amg on every flipping, even the ml that can't even hold a candle to the benchmark RX. What is Lexus thinking?
  2. There is nothing wrong with having, IS-F, GS-F and LS-F. Mercedes has C AMG, E AMG and S AMG, BMW has M3 and M5 and Audi has RS4 and RS6. If IS-F comes, it is even better, I prefer the sedan, just as I prefer M3 over M4. Just hope IS-F gets flared rear-wheel archs.
    • Lexus is playing around, mercedes and bmw has performance versions for almost every car in their lineup. Lexus only has the ISF and they want to discontinue it? This is what the F lineup should be: LS F, RC F, GS F, RX F and IS F, that would be F ing amazing!
    • Don't forget LC F and LFA II. ;-)
    • Oh yah the LC, was it really confirmed for production? i love that concept car!
    • Oh yeah. The NX is bound to be a success and it should have a F also. Lexus needs to understand that if consumers weren't buying high performance vehicles mercedes and bmw wouldn't offer them for almost every model they have.
  3. The super-sedan would be discontinued?? NO NO NO NO NO NO!! Those rumours better be what they are, RUMOURS!!
  4. They will definitely do an ISF Sedan, it would make no sense from volume or profit reasons not to. The only reason they haven't announced it, is that they dont want it taking any gloss off the launch of the RC, but I am sure very soon after RCF launch you will hear of an ISF, if not before.
  5. SC F 650 TRD edition for me please wow this is my real dream now
  6. The IS-F looks awesome. Has that nice Japanese design theme!