Lexus GS F Prototype Spotted on Nürburgring!

Lexus GS F Prototype

Confirming photos from Best Car, a Lexus GS F prototype was spotted on the Nürburgring in Germany — here are some photos from Auto Guide:

Lexus GS F Prototype Side

Lexus GS F Prototype Rear

As someone in the comments pointed out yesterday (thanks Joe Z!), the aero parts are straight from the TRD Japan catalog — this GS F prototype is also lacking the front fender vents seen in the Best Car photos.

One thing’s for certain, the GS F is real and Lexus looks serious about it — very exciting times ahead.

See more photos of the GS F Prototype


  1. Any thoughts on what car show it'll be introduced at,Kevin?
  2. well, im excited as f*Ck that Lexus is making a GSF as its been most wished for but i reall hope Lexus does something exciting & unique with the styling to really differentiate it frm the GS F-Sport and make it stand out! also, i hope for exciting performance! perfect time to shock the industry since the current M5 fugly
  3. want it! but i guess i'm stuck with my "old crappy" gs
  4. Lexus is gunning for the throne! Let the games begin!
  5. Hopefully its a competetive car, not an also ran like most performance Lexus apart from LFA. Lexus will need the motoring world to take it seriously and not be laughed off because its not really up to speed.
  6. Hopefully Lexus does a better job integrating those side skirts into the body. Right now they look like a 2009 Corolla S.
  7. Maybe this one is just a test mule a GS F based on the TRD kit, and the one "the Best Car" got is the real deal!
  8. Omg! Great times are coming in deed!!! Yeah!
  9. I wonder if the roll cage will be standard :P
  10. This is how it's supposed to look. EXACTLY like this! BD
  11. Lexus is putting out soo many performance cars in such a short time its kind of shocking.. The GSF is the most long awaited performance car in my eyes. Ever since the 1998 GS400 V8 there hasn't been a GS like it since. For too long Toyota/Lexus has let the Germans dominate the high performance send class with the M, AMG and RS cars. Im pretty sure this car will handle great like all new Lexus models do but it needs to have over 530hp -550hp+ to even be takin seriously in this car. Lexus will be shooting themselves in the foot if its anyless powerful then that. I also hope Lexus gets the looks right like they did with the sexy ISF. The front lip add ons and side skirt look aftermarket and dont flow or look factory. Give it a full body design like the ISF got with its different front end different rocker panel and different fenders and rear bumper... no cheesy adds on Lexus keep it tasteful. Next up... Video of this car on the ring !
  12. I cannot wait!!!!
  13. Well i hope the GSF is not just a GS fsport with TRD kits... And wth is going on with the front of the car in the intake area? looks downright hideous!
  14. The GSF will probably have a target weight of under 1850 kg, where the E63 is. The M5 is well over 4300 lbs, so dynamically, the GSF will have a much more sharper driving feel than the jelly-belly M5. Adding the bigger V8 engine will add at least 100 lbs. But Lexus can keep weight down with lightweight wheels, aluminum hood and trunk lid, and some reduction in sound dampening inside. It won't be over the weight of the E63 (4067 lbs - 1845 kg) 560 HP BMW 5 557 HP Mercedes E63 Expect 550-560 HP for the turbocharged V8 GSF next year. BD