TRD Japan Releases New Lexus GS Body Kit

Lexus GS TRD Body Kit

The 2013 Lexus GS went on sale in Japan earlier today, and newly developed TRD Japan parts were revealed as part of the launch — here’s a look at the aero kit, which is made up of a front under-spoiler, side skirts, a trunk spoiler and a rear diffuser, along with a quad-exhaust sports muffler:

Also released were 19″ forged aluminum wheels and a complete sports suspension:

Lexus GS TRD Sports Suspension and Forged Aluminum Wheels

As to be expected, TRD Japan parts are not cheap (set of four wheels: $6,574 USD), but I can’t help but be impressed with how well the parts integrate with the overall look of the GS. At this time, North American availability is unknown.

View the Lexus GS TRD Japan Parts


  1. Finally foglamp on F-Sport bumper ! Wait ... is this what the last time we saw a F-Sport GS350 that drive in disgust ?
  2. TRD, how I love thee. Steppin their game up nice these are wet!. 
  3. There is the Modellista version here:
  4. Like many people, i really like the new GS particuarly the F-Sport version. However, a GS460 F-Sport (TRD kitted) would have really made my day.
  5. Might be a good idea to mention it's "TRD Japan", that has released these parts for the JDM Market. I'm sure the USA Market will see some possible "F-Sport Accessory" parts released eventually.. Coincidentally, the F-Sport parts for USA are developed with TRD USA... ;)
    • Speaking of F-Sport, one of the previous extensions of the F-Sport accessory line coincided with the 2009 Chicago Auto show (see ). Although I have NOT heard anything like that for the 2012 Chicago Show next month, I can't help but wonder if history might repeat, to roughly coincide with the 4th-gen GS launch...
    • Duly noted -- I've updated the post.
  6. MG, Thats just ugly. Hope no one puts this plastic-crap on their GS.
  7. I like this! But I would like to see a kit like this destinated to Lexus CT... Is going to be nice and comparable with a M Motorsport of BMW or S-Line of Audi.
  8. Leaving  the looks in the middle, TRD japan parts are usually priced off the planet and very hard or simply not to get access too. I do not know why a organisation like TMC / TRD is, on one side, keeping a accessory program alive and, on the other side, killing its own sales possibillities ? I have tried for years to get my hands on all sorts of Japanese TRD engine parts etc, absolutely no result or you if I had I was charged over the head. Dealing with TRD USA was a very different story, pricing was not cheap but also not ovr the top and the company / organisation was reasonable accessible. Happy to deal with. Ofcourse development has to be paid for but charging those ridiculous prices like for a set of wheels that basicly have a alloy mix price per pound + tooling fee is not right.Ill think its due to a difference in culture. Happy to pay for good and exclusive quality but not to be taken as a fool.
  9. Finally, Lexus is embracing the aftermarket world a little more. Sure its baby steps but this is a step in the right direction. Lets hope these parts make it outside of Japan as Global F-Sport Accessories for all the markets.
  10. Is it just me or those quad exhaust are really tiny? I mean doesnt have to be enormous but, maybe a bit bigger would make it more aggressive.
  11. really liking the rims.  Does anyone know if lexus will be offering the F sport package, as accessories that you can add on... (ie like the rims) 
  12. Whats up with this, is it just me or does the GS which is suppose to be a decent stop up from the IS looks just like the IS.   I mean yeah its sharp looking but some more distinguish between models
  13. The suspention and the wheels... thats all that needs to be done