Lexus GS F Prototype Spotted in Arizona?

Lexus GS F Prototype

A possible Lexus GS F prototype has been spotted in Arizona by Club Lexus member I8ABMR:

Lexus GS F Prototype Side
Lexus GS F Side Profile 2
Lexus GS F Prototype

It may look like a roughed-up GS F SPORT, but there are a couple key details that suggest otherwise — the Michigan manufacturer plates and the proximity to the Toyota Arizona proving grounds are the first clues, but the lowered stance, larger brakes, duct tape on the side skirts, and the same BBS wheels seen on the German GS F prototype all point to a Lexus test mule of some description.

Still, the subtlety would be hard for most people to pick up — good on CL member I8ABMR for noticing. Here’s how it all happened:

I pulled up next to him and he had his windows down. I asked “Is that the new GSF?” He nodded yes and gave me a thumbs up. After I spotted it and he knew I knew, he started backing off BIG TIME.

He would stop 6 cars back at the lights when he was supposed to be next to me. At one point I was going to try to shoot pics from the sunroof.

[Source: Club Lexus]