Lexus LFA AD-X Prototype Makes Another Appearance at Nürburgring

The mysterious Lexus LFA AD-X prototype has been spotted again on the Nürburgring, six months after its last public appearance:

Lexus AD-X Spotted

Lexus AD-X Spotted Again

The AD-X is one of three LFA prototypes (see: AD-A & AD-B) that have been testing at Nürburgring over the past year — it’s been confirmed that all three are advanced development one-off vehicles, and not an indication that a special edition LFA is in the works.

(The big question: what kind of advanced development are these LFAs testing?)

[Source: AutoGespot Netherlands]


  1. Very mysterious. LF-LC development?
  2. AD-X tells me AWD..... BD
  3. When will this be available on Amazon? I have hella credits on there and i have Prime so shipping will be free for AD-X.
  4. I'm thinking a sub 7 min LFA ring time...
  5. It could be anything, like a LFA hybrid for the LF-LC. They can use the LFA in place of the LF-LC in the developement stages, more like a test mule.
  6. Excellent LFA AD-X fly-by clip from Nurburgring on YouTube:
  7. I believe it is LF-LC prototype or LC Engine mule.
  8. More advance Hybrid system? Perhaps testing new battery material?
  9. I've heard Lexus were very close to building customer race cars for private race teams my guess is thats what these 3 prototypes were buzzing laps round the Ring for.