2013 Lexus ES Now Available on USA & Canada Websites

2013 Lexus ES 350 & ES 300h

Both Lexus Canada & Lexus USA have updated their websites to include the 2013 ES 350 & ES 300h — full information, including pricing, configurators, and option packages, is now available.

Visit the 2013 ES on Lexus USA website

Visit the 2013 ES on Lexus Canada website


  1. Well, the ordering process is very simple: $37k to start for the V6.  $40k to start for the Hybrid If you want real leather, it'll cost you $6k on either model. Big package or little package. BD
  2. I wonder if I can trade in my current ES for a new one without paying much...
  3. Does any know if the RX F-sport is online also?
  4. Best colors are blue and red BD
  5. I don't understand why Advanced Pre Collision System is available only in Canada. Lexus ES with Advanced Pre Collision System should be an option is US. http://www.lexus.ca/lexus/experience/en/home/vehicles/specs/BK1GGT2013/specs_features.jsp?model=BK1GGT&year=2013&category=option Safety: Advanced Pre Collision System
    • Lexus Canada should not use the term "advanced". I read the feature, it is not "advanced." Lexus Canada should know what is Advanced Pre-Collision. http://secure.drivers.lexus.com/lexusdrivers/magazine/articles/Vehicle-Insider/Ask-Lexus-Collision  The all-new 2013 ES 350 features an advanced Pre-Collision System that senses an unavoidable collision and automatically initiates steps to reduce the potential for injuries. Available with the Technology Package.   http://www.lexus.ca/lexus/experience/en/home/vehicles/tourandhighlights/BK1GGT2013/veh_dt_safety.jsp?model=BK1GGT&year=2013# 
  6. just bought an es350 amazing car for the money