Lexus Debuts Brand History Timeline on Facebook

Earlier today, Facebook introduced their new timeline layout for brand pages, and Lexus is one of the first companies to feature the design.

Similar to what we saw with their Points of No Return Facebook app and the new GS, Lexus has assembled a chronological history of the brand built around Facebook’s timeline, and has included some great old archival photos, including this one of the very first LS 400 prototype:

Lexus LS 400 Prototype

The first of more than 450 operational LS 400 prototypes is built. At the time, a manufacturer would typically only build two or three.

Also have to highlight this photo of the first-generation LS 400 and its Chief Engineer, Ichiro Suzuki:

Lexus LS 400 & Chief Engineer Ichiro Suzuki

Chief designer Ichiro Suzuki stands beside one of the first-ever fully built Lexus vehicles. After six years, thousands of designs and 50 full-size clay models (typical automotive models were built at 20% size), the LS 400 is approved for production.

This Facebook initiative, which comes only one day after Lexus hit 1,000,000 fans on the social network, is a great use of the new timeline feature, and serves as a nice visual walk through the brand’s history. Definitely recommend checking it out.

Visit the Lexus Facebook Page

So glad Lexus didn't go with that grille... So glad the young designer wasn't satisfied with the front of any of the prototypes.