Lexus Releases Tori 500 iPhone Racing Game

Lexus Tori 500 iOS GameFollowing up on the Lexus/Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue crossover, the Tori 500 game for the iPhone & iPad has been released.

(I’ve installed it, and once I got used to the controls and the giant digital supermodel in the center of the track, I put down final time of 1:09.639.)

Download the Tori 500 iOS Game


  1. Outside of the fact that it doesn't look anything like that Tori chick, pretty cool! BD
  2. )':
  3. MW

    Please get it on android Lexus!
  4. I just played it on my iPhone, it sucks..but they made Tori more detailed than the GS!! haahahah
  5. So nice psot!
  6. Wish I had an iPhone to try this!
  7. Sam

    You can add this app to the GS App