A Message from Karl Schlicht, General Manager of Global Lexus Product & Marketing Planning

A Message from Karl Schlicht

The following is a message from Karl Schlicht, General Manager of Global Lexus Product & Marketing Planning, who asked me at the Detroit Auto Show if he could address my readers directly from time to time.

Well that was more like it, and I am not just talking about the fabulous Detroit weather during this traditionally blustery time of year — the North American International auto show is back, and in a more sustainable way than in the past.

The competitors are introducing a mix of interesting small cars, their famed traditional muscle cars and all new luxury models. Cadillac has a new small model that looks properly executed for the first time, and Lincoln showed a concept that didn’t personally inspire me, but their goals about boutique and customer service are to be admired.

For Lexus, we showed the full line of new GS models, including the hybrid GS 450h and F Sport versions that look very good. We can’t wait to start letting you look at these models — we went all out to provide a fabulous new GS, and it’s our best ever. There have been lots of comments about the interior as well — Lexus is not intending to lose its comfort leadership, even as we provide a sporty and more fun driving experience than in the past.

And then — and I’m trying to be modest here — the stunning LF-LC stole the show, didn’t it?

Lexus LF-LC Concept

This Lexus GT 2+2 is an art piece, with gorgeous lines and in the nicest red that you can imagine. You can look at it forever and still discover new features and curves each time. And the interior — to die for!

I know it’s just a concept, but I’d love to hear from Lexus enthusiasts — what you think? Should we move forward with this? Does Lexus need this kind of a coupe? What would you change, if anything?

I’ll be checking back to read your replies, and I hope to be back occasionally on this site — thanks for supporting Lexus!

Karl Schlicht is in charge of the Lexus worldwide product and marketing planning division, which was formed two years ago to help guide the brand globally. www.lexus-global.com