Lexus NY Auto Show Coverage Starts Tomorrow

Lexus LF-Gh Concept

With the NY Auto Show and the introduction of the brand new LF-Gh concept, it’s going to be a busy week in New York City for Lexus, and I’m going to be here in the city to cover all the events.

The fun starts tomorrow morning with a special caravan that’s going to be touring around Manhattan — we’ll keep the full details a secret for now, but I do know that the first location will be the Hearst Tower at around 10am.

Be sure to check the Lexus Twitter account tomorrow morning to see the secret revealed and find out the remaining caravan locations. My plan is to make it to all the stops — I’ll be assisting the Lexus Twitter team with tweets & photos throughout the day, and will be updating here with even more (sporadic) coverage.

It’s all capped off tomorrow night with the the official reveal of the LF-Gh tomorrow night — stay tuned!

Visit the Lexus Twitter account


  1. OMG Again... HAVE FUN KREW!!!
  2. I wonder what secrets lexus has up its sleeve! Can't wait till the final reveal!
  3. I´m really excited about this car! I´m also very glad Lexus has the good sense to recognize and make use of talent like yours. :-)
  4. Cool, I plan on going Friday to the show.
  5. So they're going to release the specs too right?
  6. Let me guess the next LS will debut in Tokyo ?
  7. I live in New York... where can I go to see this action ? plz tell let me know. I would love to tag along. - Travis