Edmunds Inside Line Spending a Week with the Lexus LFA

Lexus LFA with Inside Line This WeekStarting today, the Edmunds Inside Line editors have the enviable task of driving the Lexus LFA for a full week road test, with plans to put the supercar through its paces on a California mountain road and make the trip to Las Vegas for a Wednesday night car meet.

The IL editors will updating both their Facebook & Twitter accounts (though I would recommend sticking with Twitter for more frequent updates).

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  1. Great news guys!! Lexus LFA production is severely underated. It made a boatload on the dyno. 515 wheel HP. Considering 600 HP cars make low-500s such as Porsche Carrera GT stock highest dyno'ed at 530 wheel HP, Lexus LFA is actually making closer to 600 HP at the crank!!!! Astonishing!!
    • Wow -- can't believe those results. Would really like to see a secondary test, because this is pure fantastic. :-D
  2. They are beginning the instrumented track testing. Just weighed the LFA and it came out to be 3546 lbs with a full tank of gas.