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Joe Bacal’s Lexus LX 570 Wins Baja 1000 Race

JTGrey Racing’s Lexus LX 570 has won the Stock Full class of SCORE Baja 1000 after a hard-fought race that saw plenty of adversity for Joe Bacal & his team:

“I felt great and we were making excellent time until a wheel came loose around mile 180,” said Bacal. “The loose wheel caused some damage that took quite a while to repair.”

The highly unusual breakdown sidelined the team for more than two hours, but the worst was yet to come. An engine restart issue that emerged…the apparent electrical anomaly proved resistant to diagnosis for hours, with hunger, fatigue and the dark, chilly desert frustrating their efforts.

“We knew we could finish on the podium if we could just get to the finish,” continued Bacal. “By now we were exhausted and hungry, and the finishing window was getting very tight. We tried everything we could think of and with just 40 minutes left to get through the next checkpoint, the LX started. At that point it seemed like a miracle.”

This caps off a fantastic first season for JTGrey Racing & their LX 570, with four first-place finishes and the SCORE Stock-Full championship — congrats to Joe Bacal, Chris Cocore, Bob Ditner, Paul Williamsen & the whole JTGrey team!

[Source: Motorsport]

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