Building Joe Bacal’s Lexus LX Race Truck

oe Bacal’s latest Lexus LX racer debuted a couple weeks ago at SEMA, and now Lexus Magazine has a photo essay detailing the hard work behind the truck’s creation.
Kevin · November 14th, 2011

Lexus Video Tribute to LX 570 Racer Joe Bacal

Lexus released a wonderful tribute to off-road racer Joe Bacal, who endured through Hodgkin’s Lymphoma on his way to winning the SCORE Off-Road Championship and the Baja 1000 in the Stock Full class behind the wheel of an Lexus LX 570: A truly amazing story, and an inspiration to us all — you can follow …
Kevin · May 10th, 2011

Racing with Joe Bacal & his Lexus LX 570

Joe Bacal and his Lexus LX 570 took part in the San Felipe 250 off-road race last weekend, and while the team was unable to place in the final results, they did post some rumbling in-car video from the start of the race — I’m amazed just how close the spectators are to the track. …
Kevin · March 20th, 2011

Joe Bacal’s Lexus LX 570 Tire Test

While on the topic of Joe Bacal’s Lexus LX 570, here’s a look at the super-modified SUV testing out a new set of tires: What a monster.
Kevin · November 22nd, 2010

Joe Bacal’s Lexus LX 570 Wins Baja 1000 Race

JTGrey Racing’s Lexus LX 570 has won the Stock Full class of SCORE Baja 1000 after a hard-fought race that saw plenty of adversity for Joe Bacal & his team: “I felt great and we were making excellent time until a wheel came loose around mile 180,” said Bacal. “The loose wheel caused some damage …
Kevin · November 22nd, 2010

More on the Baja 500 Lexus 570

Earlier this week, I posted about Joe Bacal, who raced in the 41st annual Tecate SCORE Baja 500 in a modified Lexus LX 570 and ended up winning the class. Now we have some more information on the race, courtesy of a Lexus press release: Assisted by first-time navigator Williamsen and a new but well-organized …
Kevin · June 11th, 2009

Lexus LX 570 Competes in SCORE Baja 500 Race

This past weekend, the first ever Lexus 570 racing truck took part in the Tecate SCORE Baja 500, where it took first in its (admittedly small) class. The LX 570 was piloted by Joe Bacal of JTGrey Performance Driving, who was confident about his chances: “It may seem unusual to race a large luxury SUV …
Kevin · June 8th, 2009