Customized Lexus IS Billboards

Lexus IS Overqualified for the BQE

The New York Times reports about a new IS billboard campaign from Lexus USA customized by highway:

Toyota’s Lexus division recently mind-melded this contradiction in an outdoor advertising campaign that declares in supersize lettering that the 2011 Lexus IS is “overqualified for the B.Q.E.,” as the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway is known locally.

That was just in New York. On Detroit billboards, the same Lexus model was “overqualified for I-94.” On the Stemmons Freeway in Dallas, it was “overqualified for I-35.” In Washington, it was too good for the Beltway.

The list went on for 26 highways in top Lexus markets around the country, where for a five-week period that ended this month, 65 digital and conventional billboards maligned local highways and lauded the IS model in a single stroke.

Another example:

Lexus IS Overqualified for the Turnpike

This echoes a previous Lexus marketing campaign, Mine Magazine, which customers could tailor to suit their own tastes.

Anyone see a customized IS billboard on their highway?

[Source: NY Times]