Drive the Lexus CT 200h in Los Angeles!

Lexus CT 200h Dark Ride

Lexus is holding a three day CT 200h event in Los Angeles & Venice, California to showcase their newest hybrid and give attendees the chance to actually drive the prototype — here are the full event details:

Be among the first in the world to experience the new CT 200h prototype at a location near you. This is a true insider experience: you’ll be able to see the vehicle, drive it and, most importantly, share your opinion on the still-in-development prototype with our engineers and designers.

Attend an event to explore the CT 200h in a sophisticated virtual setting, learn about the Lexus brand, test drive the prototype vehicle and more. Become part of the inside story of this brand-new Lexus! See the tour calendar for the dates and tour location nearest you.

You must be 18 or over with a valid Driver’s License to drive.

Event Dates and Locations:

July 29-30
Location: Slow Clothing
7474 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046
Hours: TBD

July 31
Location: The Brig
1515 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA 90291
Hours: TBD

To sign up, visit the Lexus event Facebook page.

My mind’s reeling at this — I recommend anyone interested in attending book their spot immediately, as I can’t see this ticket lasting once the word gets out.


  1. I'm going, but I don't think they have reservations available. I think we're supposed to just show up from the information I see. The only thing is that the locations seem to be a bit tight on parking, especially the one in LA. Hopefully I get to test drive a top-end model. Sigh... too bad I missed out on the LFA. Anyways, I'll use this chance to tell them about the rear windshield wiper.
  2. @WorldofLuxury: Good point ;) Tell them about the wiper .. i hope they listen to us ! After all this will be our car :-D
  3. @seal: hehe and just to play the game fairly, I'll remind them that the hidden wipers have been on Land Rovers for awhile now, not to mention that Land Rovers have much nicer interiors. Too bad the Lexus people are just gonna say that the LR interiors are designed to be unintuitive and fragile, which in other words means, "blah blah blah blah blah." hehe
  4. JVX

    I'm going for sure.
  5. I'm SO jealous of you guys right now! Have heaps of fun and get me a photo of doing something silly with the car... Be creative... Surprise me 8-)
  6. @WorldofLuxury & @JVX: We're going to expect some driving impressions from the two of you. :-)
  7. @krew: ahem. Let's talk money 8-)
  8. Jay

    I'm going! I didn't see anywhere to make a reservation. I just clicked the little box that said "attending." I'm guessing we just get to pick which event to go to. See you guys there!
  9. JVX

    @krew Will do. I'm going to bring my SLR. Any specific angles :) They didn't let me choose a date. So, I'm going to both :-P
  10. I wonder if they're planning something similar for any of the european countries? Wouldn't be surprised if they're not.The US-market always gets preferencial treatment from Lexus.Even the CT which was primarily developed for Europe has a more comprehensive web site for the US-market.
  11. @Eljay: even the cars themselves are cheaper in US-Market ...
  12. JVX

    We're a spoiled country. That's not fair.
  13. @Eljay: Lexus Europe Facebook is much more engaging has lots of sweepstakes. Hehe