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Lexus CT 200h Dark Ride Trailer

In early March, Lexus USA teased the CT 200h launch announcement with a promised Dark Ride, an “upcoming movie experience that allows you to virtually drive the all-new CT 200h”, and now here’s a new trailer:

There’s also a new dedicated mini-site,  the Darker Side of Green, which teases, “Be the navigator. Bring the CT 200h prototype home before dawn.” and includes a contest to win a CT 200h for a year.

Official information posted on ClubLexus sheds more light on the film and how users will be able to interact with it in the near future:

Starting May 13th, exclusively on, users will be able to seamlessly insert themselves as the front seat passenger, in a costarring role in this action film. They will use an array of interactive features—allowing them to put their likeness into the film, record their own dialogue lines, and make decisions that impact the action. The trailer will also play in movie theaters throughout the country for two weeks beginning on May 13th directing consumers to the full experience on

This unique interactive film concept offers viewers the opportunity to experience the CT200h both inside and out, as well as be exposed to its key features in a fully immersive way months before the car is available at dealerships. With Dark Ride, Lexus is reinventing the test drive and creating a new channel with which to develop early advocates for the CT 200h. We hope you enjoy the trailer and we will send you a reminder when the full Dark Side interactive experience goes live in May.

The trailer is rather cryptic—who is the driver?  Are they escaping from a rival gang?  What is the pounding noise?  All will hopefully be revealed this May 13th!

[Source: Lexus CT 200h Darker Side of Green]

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