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1992 Lexus SC 400 Dealership Video

After look at the present & future of the Lexus SC, I thought it might be interesting to look back at the model’s history—the following video is a dealership introduction for the first-generation SC 400, and is an important look back at what Lexus was trying to achieve with their first sports coupe:

Amazing when you consider that after this video was made, the SC 300/400 won the 1992 Motor Trend Import Car of the Year, and then, with only minor changes, placed on Car & Driver’s Ten Best list for seven years in a row.

No question, this was a truly special car, and one of the fundamental building blocks for Lexus’ success in the US. I wonder then, why such the huge break when the second-generation SC 430 was introduced? Was it a desire to change directions? It also makes me wonder—will the next SC build on any existing design cues, or will it be something completely different once again?

(Quick note: If you have any knowledge of similar videos to this one, please let me know.)

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  • E
  • June 1, 2010
I have a black with tan 1992 SC 400 with MOMO rims. ABSOLUTE MINT. 48,000 miles. I bought it in 1997 from a dentist in Rochester and drove it to Omaha. I have driven it less than 5000k miles in the last 5 years. Even the engine has no blemishes. What is it worth today? Anyone know?
@ezjkat: Best to use something like Edmunds or Autotrader and see what value the car averages. Hope that helps!
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    Humberto Reyes
  • November 4, 2010
hoy a mis 46 años sigo en busca de un sc 300 o 400.Maneje por primera vez uno de un vecino en el año 1996,un modelo 92 y me parecio un sueño de vehiculo.No me ha sido facil conseguir pero se que lo tendre.Sigue siendo un carro actual en la mayoria de sus apartados,sin olvidar que no pasara de moda y que su chasis sirvio de base al todopoderoso supra.Mi clasico para siempre:Lexus sc 300-400.A sus diseñadores mil gracias.