1992 Lexus SC 400 Dealership Video

After look at the present & future of the Lexus SC, I thought it might be interesting to look back at the model’s history—the following video is a dealership introduction for the first-generation SC 400, and is an important look back at what Lexus was trying to achieve with their first sports coupe:

Amazing when you consider that after this video was made, the SC 300/400 won the 1992 Motor Trend Import Car of the Year, and then, with only minor changes, placed on Car & Driver’s Ten Best list for seven years in a row.

No question, this was a truly special car, and one of the fundamental building blocks for Lexus’ success in the US. I wonder then, why such the huge break when the second-generation SC 430 was introduced? Was it a desire to change directions? It also makes me wonder—will the next SC build on any existing design cues, or will it be something completely different once again?

(Quick note: If you have any knowledge of similar videos to this one, please let me know.)