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Next-Gen Lexus SC Photochop

With the release of the 2010 Lexus SC 430, we’ve likely seen the end of the second generation Sports Coupe—so what’s next? Could it look something like this?

Found in a thread on Club Lexus, this unsourced Photochop shows the potential of the third-generation SC. Sure, there’s some awkward creases in the hood & side profile, and the overall look strays too close to Jaguar, but the rendering’s front-end is a very successful merging of the first & second generation SC designs. I also like the larger size and the LF-A-inspired front lights.

I’m not usually impressed by photochops, but this has all the right elements. Lexus could do worse than follow some of this rendering’s design cues.

[Source: Club Lexus]

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