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2010 Lexus HS 250h Now on Lexus USA Website

The Lexus HS 250h is now on the Lexus USA website, which means plenty of information along with full option & package pricing.

There are standard and premium variants, starting at $34,200 and $36,970 respectively. From there, it gets a little confusing:

  • There is a $1,600 Touring package, with 18” wheels and a sport tuned suspension, available for the standard model but not the premium.
  • Both standard and premium can be equipped with the $2,125 Navigation package.
  • Only the Premium model can be equipped with the $3,900 Technology package, which includes the heads-up display, dynamic radar cruise control and various advanced safety features.

Add in the optional LED headlights, backup camera, and the Mark Levinson speaker system, and a Standard HS 250h can reach $42,185, while a full-loaded Premium HS can hit $48,805.

(Be sure to check out the Lexus HS page for a full list of options & pricing, plus some brand-new images in the photo gallery.)

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