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More Details on the Lexus GS Passionate Black Interior

After the discovery of the Lexus GS Passionate Black interior in North America, I was possessed to find out more details, so I arranged a quick email interview with Greg Thome, Lexus USA’s Communications Supervisor:

TLE: Lexus Japan released the Passionate Black interior as a special edition last year, and now Lexus USA has started offering it as the Interior Accents package. Was the decision to bring the color combination over to the US a recent decision, or was it always in the cards?

Greg: The decision was made during this current model year. The Accents Package was made available on GS models staring in March 2009.

TLE: It doesn’t seem possible to configure a GS with the package through the customization options at Is the package only available in specific configurations? Will this be available through dealerships as an option?

Greg: The Build Your Lexus feature on actually looks for models on the ground at dealerships based on the zip code input. A dealer could look for that trip package at another dealership for a customer if they don’t have one. It’s packaged slightly differently for the three GS models to factor in a couple of options that are standard on the hybrid and/or the 460 but not the 350.

It can also be ordered by the customer.

TLE: Is the Interior Accents package a limited edition or will it be available for the foreseeable future?

We only have info for this model year (MY09) at this point.

Lexus GS Interior Accents Package

TLE: Could you explain the reason for the price difference between each model? ($200 for GS 450h, $410 for GS 460, $810 for GS 350)

Greg: The package is very similar, but it includes variations on some things that may be standard on one model GS but not the other. The GS 450h has both ventilated seats and the power rear sunshade as standard, while they are both options with the GS 350.  The GS 460 has standard ventilated seats but optional power rear sunshade.

TLE: Is there a chance this interior option will be introduced on other models in the lineup?

Greg: No plans at this point.

TLE: Can we expect to see other Japanese special editions to come to North America, such as the Elegant White IS or the Meteor Black GS?

Greg: No plans at this point for either MY09 or MY10.


I’d like to thank Greg for taking the time to answer my questions, and humbly request that Lexus send me a PB-optioned GS so that I can take a closer look.

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